What houses are available for non-family/college student groups?

by Gwen Mohay
(Fairfax, VA, USA)

I have a group of very responsible friends that are interested in renting a beach house for a week in summer 2011. We have been going to North Myrtle beach the past 3 years since that is the only vacation spot we knew of for non-family/student groups. Quite frankly, we are sick of driving 8 hours to find that our house is disgusting due to rental companies giving the "student rentals" the grossest houses out there. We have put up with cock roaches, uncleanliness, etc. We are not a crazy bunch of kids that have never been away from mom and pop, we are 20 years old and up. We are responsible, respectful, trustworthy, etc. We don't cause trouble. All we want to do is have a week at the beach so we can take a break from working and going to school everyday.

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Difficult to find, but read on ...
by: Dan


Thank you for your note. There are no such things as "student houses" on the Outer Banks. As a matter of fact, most rental companies will not rent to non-family groups because of past experience. It is almost an owner by owner thing.

I have had success renting to college students in the past who have agreed to the guildelines laid out on the Non-Family Group page found on Outer Banks Revealed. The lease will required to be signed by a parent to take on financial responsibility. There will be a security deposit required of about $1,000 which will be returned six weeks after the group's departure, assuming no damage. Finally, the guidelines will be strictly enforced, including spot inspections. Unfortunately, it is that stringent. If you believe your group can abide by these rules, feel free to contact me about one of our houses or about possibly connecting you to a rental company who may be able to help in your search.

Kind regards,


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