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Keep the Vacation Fun, but Know What to Do

Vacation safety is one of the last things you think about when heading for your Outer Banks vacation. For fifty-one weeks, you look forward to relaxing on the beach and decompressing in the hopes of revitalizing yourself as you prepare for another work year. You plan meals, pick the perfect vacation home, arrange with family and friends for the big trip, never given a second thought about what to do should you become injured or sick while on your Outer Banks vacation. Well, no need to fret about that. This page will provide you the information you need should you need a doctor, should your pet become ill, and what to do in case you run into a problem with things such as rip currents while away on vacation.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Should you or someone in your group become ill or hurt while vacationing in the Outer Banks, there is no need to worry as medical help is nearby. Here is a list of medical facilities from north to south on the Outer Banks and on the mainland. In case of emergency, you can call 911 for immediate help.

You bring your dog, Biscuit, on vacation, and she gets into something she ought not to, and suddenly becomes ill. What do you do? Follow this link and you will get a list of vets on the Outer Banks, again by town form north to south, that can help your pet get back to his or her old self.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

One of the things that I loved about the Outer Banks when my children were young was the hot sun and rough water would always guarantee they would be asleep by 8:00 assuring me a few hours of quiet on the deck. The Outer Banks, like all beach locations, can be susceptible to rip currents. Rip currents, sometimes referred to as rip tides and undercurrents, is a hazard that any beach go-er should know how to identify and, if caught in one, how to survive. Follow this link to find out what you should share with your family and friends regarding rip currents.

The Outer Banks is a great vacation location. The prime vacation season does, however, coincide with the hurricane season. Although the odds of a hurricane actually interrupting your vacation may be remote, it is always good to know how to prepare yourself should a hurricane strike during your vacation.

Keep it fun, but be mindful of these vacation safety tips.

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