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This is something I never expected to be writing about Tara Burlage. I have struggled mightily with how to handle this, from taking down this page or putting down some thoughts on what I think made Tara unique and special. I have settled, for now, on the later. I have removed the contact form, but left her words about her business as she would have them.

You see, on April 28, 2012, quite unexpectedly, Tara passed away. Always a picture of health and a personality that brought sunshine to anyone who met her, when I saw "RIP" on Facebook, I was numb.

I first met Tara in 2005 when we were contemplating building a second vacation home on the Outer Banks. It was through a most simple method ... a post card that had a picture of Tara and the simple phrase "Tara Sells OBX". I did a bit of research and discovered that Tara had attended Virginia Tech. This was quite important at the time, as my oldest daughter, Laura, was heading off to Virginia Tech that fall as a freshman. I decided to call Tara, and when I told her why, we spent our time not talking about possible locations, but rather how much she loved Virginia Tech. In addition, she spoke to Laura and told her what dorm to request, where to go and what made VA Tech so special to her. She was like a big sister clueing Laura in to all the tricks of Virginia Tech. It was at that moment that I was sold on Tara. Anyone who spent more time on your personal interest than simply the business deal was a person who knew how to deal with people and could be counted on to do the right thing.

Tara was also not your run of the mill realtor. She understood the Outer Banks market well and understood the psychology of the buyer. She showed Janet and I several lots, and saved the best one for last. She knew that the property in Rodanthe would never do, as it was a future "house boat in the making", with no sand dunes to protect it and she knew the property in Salvo was the only suitable piece of land. When I asked her later why she did it this way, she came clean and told me that she knew we would prefer the third property, but only if I was comfortable with it being the best option. She knew me well.

As Shore's Heaven was being built, whenever there was an issue, she always came to our defense. She understood the importance of the customer and took our concerns to the highest levels in BD&A. In addition, she was quite happy providing decorating ideas and what companies would do best by us.

Tara was much more than just a smart business person. She genuinely cared about everyone she knew, no matter how close a friend. When the tragedy at Virginia Tech occurred, she was the first to call me to see if Laura was okay. We talked for quite a long time about how that could possibly happen at her beloved VA Tech. When I started this website, she offered to write both the summary of Kitty Hawk and several restaurant reviews because I asked her to. And when I offered to put up this page, she acted like it was some amazing gift.

Even if we had not spoken for a couple of years, when we did connect, it was as if I was her closest friend. She told me about the great joy she got when Doug, her husband, built her sound-side home so she could decorate it to meet her greatest expectations. And when her step-daughter, Blake, headed off to Virginia Tech, she told me how proud she was. As it would happen, Laura and Blake were actually sisters in the same sorority.

All of this may be the ramblings of someone who had but brief encounters with Tara, but was touched by her special brand of sunshine. An avid runner who loved to travel, Tara was a special friend to all she met and was always the smile in any crowd. Those who knew her best, her husband Doug, and her family and friends will miss her dearly and my heartfelt condolences go out to them. The circle Tara touched was far larger than they imagine. Even those who could have been nothing more than a client were touched by Tara’s warmth and compassion. The world is a little poorer for her loss on April 28, 2012, but will always be that much better for the memory of the time spent with her. Rest in Peace, my friend. You made a most positive mark here on earth.

Tara Burlage, ABR
ASSOCIATE BROKER, License #208298
Tara Burlage, ABR

Tara Sells OBX. A Outer Banks Realtor for over ten years, Tara specializes in working with Buyers and Sellers on the entire Outer Banks from Corolla to Hatteras Island. Whether you are looking for an Outer Banks rental property, a simple beach cottage or a building site, Tara can provide you with all the information and advice you'll need to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience. With so many great deals out there right now and the market on the cusp of coming back, you can't afford not to have a strong agent with the experience to educate and negotiate on your behalf. Contact Tara today for FREE buyers representation & information with absolutely no commitment.

Contact Tara today to help you either purchase your dream Outer Banks vacation home or rental or to help get your vacation property sold fast.

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