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I received an @ from Jean-Paul Peron (aka CarovaRealtor) on Twitter saying, "How about a survey to see how far people have driven to get to the Outer Banks?" I thought to myself, WOW another great idea, and why not put a different one up every two weeks or so. That way, hopefully, enough people will respond to make it meaningful AND it will keep the idea fresh.

Also, it must be short and sweet. No more than five seconds. Why? Because I hate filling out long detailed surveys that at the end of it, you think, "Well that's 30 minutes of my life, I'll never get back."

To further my love of paperwork, I was in the process, just today, of getting forms completed so my youngest can play high school sports this year. The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, otherwise known as the PIAA, thinks it's a great idea to fill out seven pages of very small print for an annual physical so that my daughter can play high school sports. S-E-V-E-N P-A-G-E-S!!! She wants to play soccer and softball, not work for the NSA or CIA.

Of course, "Survey Says" is from the game show "Family Feud", originally hosted by Richard Dawson. Here is a clip from the show ... nothing to do with the Outer Banks ... but absolutely hilarious. September ... not the right answer.

So I promise, just like on "Family Feud", no more than five seconds (unless you want to complete all of the prior questions on the page). And as soon as you hit "Survey Says", you’ll get the results to date for that particular question. So let’s see how this goes ... Don’t forget to come back often!

Question: Rental House Booking

Question : Rental House Size

Question: Rental House Selection

Question: Travel Distance

Question: Cleaning Service Tipping Protocol

Question: Favorite OBX Activity

Question: Gimme Shelter

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