Sorry gotta go with the judge...

by gina
(Atlantic Beach, North Carolina)

Usually I am not a "tree hugger" per say, but in this instance I have to support the judges decision... The reason I do is I was born and raised in coastal Carolina, what saddens me is to now see the overdevelopment in some areas and the stress that the people population can put on an area. I know we ALL love the beach, but we should be far sighted enough to perserve the true meaning of what draws us to this beautiful area. The peace it provides does not come with an increased populace, or plethora of buildings built for human convience or navigable roads for cushy vehicles. I maintain that preserving this area is essential to our preservation. :) Thanks judge...

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Aug 25, 2010
get your kids out of the SUV and walk!!!
by: Geoff

Sorry if one of the kids is disabled, truly I am. There are plenty of beaches in NC with easy handicapped access but no, Hatteras is not one of them. Same for the old folks. Does that mean we have to open up Hatteras for SUV traffic? I say no. And I am a surf fisher who does not mind carrying his gear to the beach.

I suspect, however, that comments I am reading about dissatisfied visitors who want to drive the beach are not dealing with such issues. If they are, come down to Emerald Isle where they do allow you to cruise the beach following the nesting season, mid September. If you visit prior to then, there are several handicapped access points that allow you to drive up to the boardwalk ramp. Hatteras is not your only option.

May 11, 2010
Gina - go with what has kept the beaches great ... not with the judge
by: Anonymous

Gina -

Have you ever been to the Cape Hatteras outer banks? If you have then you will know that it is very limited to get to the beaches by pedestrian walking due to lack of parking areas and distance from them to the ocean.

Please visit and then make your comments about going with the judge. Because all people are asking is to revert back to the previous plan which has been able to keep these beaches at Cape Hatteras as they are.

Do not jump to judgement for the judge before seeing all of the information please, please, please.

Thank you for taking another better look and voice your opinion again.

Jul 20, 2009
"...what draws us to this beautiful area"?
by: Dawn


What "draws us to this beautiful area" is exactly what this judge has taken away. If families cannot come to and enjoy this beautiful beach - which one needs to have access to - then families will stop coming and businesses will go under which hurts the local population who live there year round and call Hatteras home. Up until ten years ago, we used to vacation in Virginia on Chicoteague/Assateague until the closures prevented us from enjoying that beautiful stretch of beach. My family and I have been since been vacationing in the Avon/Frisco area. We are now reconsidering our vacation destination as we can no longer enjoy the expanse of the beaches due to the overwhelming number of closures. We had to search Google Earth this past June just to find where we could access a ramp that was not closed. There were only two options and because of this, every other vacationer was also on those small patches of beach. Seems to me that the beach areas that are being left open are really going to feel the impact of a MUCH denser population on them. The Park Service has done an excellent job for many, many years at protecting the native wildlife in this gorgeous area. I am hoping that this judge's ruling can somehow be overturned and control be given back to the Park Service who was doing a fine job of balancing the needs of families versus the protection of endangered species - emphasis on endangered.

Jul 19, 2009
Costly Save
by: Lisa

So we should kill the economy and livelihood of the people who live here year round for some NON-NATIVE species? All I can say is that I hope they migrate to where you live, so you can share the joy.

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