Seashell on the Horizon

by Ryan Neal Kidd
(York, Pennsyalvania, United States)

Our family has been coming to the Outer Banks pretty much every year for about 14 years. This year some friends came down this us. We went out on the beach pretty much every night, and my friend played guitar. I decided to take a short walk down the beach and look for some interesting photography subjects. I came across this idea, and waited for the right time to snap the shot. However, the shot had to be quick, seeing as the wave in the background was quickly approaching my camera.

After taking the shot, I later edited it in a program to get the effects produced in this photo. I made it into an HDR photo, but with only one exposure. This helped to bring out the grains in the sand, and make the clouds much more appealing and drastic.

If you like this, see more of my work at Flickr Page

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Jun 13, 2009
Air in Water
by: Linda

I love your photo because of its unique vantagepoint. It amazes me how the wave seems to be riding on pillow of air. Its just a wonderful shot. :)

Jun 12, 2009
Great Effects on this Shell!
by: Dan

Great shot, Ryan. Thank you for sharing this picture. The grains of sand almost jump out at you. From one PA person to another, nice job!

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