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The Simple Peacefulness Makes the Difference

Ron Akers used to own several Outer Banks house rentals but has chosen to focus on one. Ron continues to own Seas the Day, maximizing rentor enjoyment, while selling High Seas, Bar Harbour, Allure, and Le Taha. Ron also owns his own construction company and helped many residence of Hatteras Island in the aftermath of Irene. As a homeowner and resident, Ron has a unique perspective of the Outer Banks. His affection for the Outer Banks will become apparent quickly.

Seas the Day in Salvo, North Carolina

Outer Banks Revealed: When did you first visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina and what makes you keep coming back?

Ron Akers: A very pretty lady named Daphne invited me to the Outer Banks for the first time in the early 1980s. We met at the fork in the road to Duck where the "infamous" payphones used to be. Her folks owned a cottage in Ocean Sands beyond where the road pavement actually ended and became sand. Now it is the site of the Pine Island Racquet Club. We got married later the same year!

Outer Banks Revealed: What make the Outer Banks different from other beach vacation spots you've visited?

Ron Akers: My wife and I actually talked about this very recently on the drive back from Hatteras Island. We have had the good fortune to travel quite a bit over the past ten years to destinations like Tahiti and the Mediterranean. The key difference between the Outer Banks and other vacation locations is the SIMPLE PEACEFULNESS of the Outer Banks. When you get to the Wright Memorial Bridge and see the Outer Banks on the other side your shoulders relax and the stress of life back home just evaporates. You cannot help taking a deep breath of relief as you enter the Beach.

The overall "feeling" you get from being in the Outer Banks cannot be compared to anywhere else. You know you belong here. We grill, we drink, we laugh, and we celebrate life with our friends and family. We all end up hanging out on the decks either watching folks on the beach or just walking by if your rental cottage is on the beach road. It does not matter where you hail from, you feel like you are part of the Outer Banks as soon as you walk out on your deck. Normally you will encounter fellow vacationers who would not normally speak to you as a stranger back home but always seem inclined to shout "HEY" when you are here. Maybe the beer has something to do with it!

Outer Banks Revealed: What is your favorite Outer Banks town? Why?

Ron Akers: My favorite Outer Banks town has to be Avon NC. It is still a fishing village with a minimal amount of commercial property. There are lots of restaurants, small locally owned shops, pottery and fishing. It has both ocean and sound activities that appeal to pretty much everyone. We experienced our first 4th of July fireworks celebration this year. What an incredible experience sitting on the Kinnakeet Shores oceanfront veranda with the fireworks exploding right above our heads! We have blocked our cottage for 2010 and have already invited our kids and their friends to come and experience with us

There is a small marina that most people do not know about right in the heart of Avon. Having spent many years vacationing in the "north beach" and seeing first hand all of the changes, Avon has remained primarily timeless. It was this "old days" environment that caused us to build and own investment property on Hatteras Island. Our favorite place to eat in Avon is the Oceana Bistro. Cindy the owner has created a "CHEERS" like atmosphere and is usually there working like crazy to make everyone feel at home.

Outer Banks Revealed: What is your favorite thing to do on the Outer Banks? Why?

Ron Akers: It has to be playing golf. There are so many Outer Banks golf courses here to choose from. In most cases even playing the same course several times is a different experience each time. If you play golf you will appreciate what it is like to play golf surrounded by nature. To anyone else this sounds cheesy, but there is nothing like it. There is no other leisure sport where you have to stop play to let the deer pass in front of you. It may sound strange with all that there is to do on the Outer Banks that one would spend four to five hours on a golf course. I will tell you that those who play golf while on vacation here have experienced what it is like to wake up here every day.

Outer Banks Revealed: If you met someone who never visited the Outer Banks, what are the top five things you would tell them they had to do? Why?

Ron Akers: The top five things I would mention to a first time visitor include some obvious ones but a few you may not have thought of. Here goes:

  • Salvo: Sit on the veranda at Mojos Café at Realtime and watch the wind surfers learn how to surf using those hand held kites. It is a real treat to see them actually take off successfully.
  • Carova Beach: Make the trip to the four wheel drive beach and do not settle for MP 5 or 6 go to Swan Beach 19.5 MP and experience the horses running beside your vehicle or the small warm ponds just out of the reach of the breakers that even the littlest one can play in safely. Take your portable grill and cook out on the end of your tail gate and watch the surf fishermen.
  • Rodanthe Pier: Even if you do not fish pay the nominal walk-on fee and watch the dolphins jumping just off the end of the pier. Sit on the many benches provided and watch fishermen from the youngest to the oldest. Ask them where they are from and how many years they have come to the pier to fish. The answers you get will amaze you! If you like to fish there is no other place like it. If you do not know how and have no idea they will rent you equipment and show you. It does not get any better than that.

  • Manteo NC: It does not cost a thing to turn at one of the waterfront arrows off of 64 in Manteo and park anywhere. Even though the waterfront has a lot to offer, the real charm of Manteo are its citizens and their neighborhoods. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets of Manteo and check out the old B&Bs. Talk to the folks sitting on their front porch as you walk by. I promise if you say hi they will respond with a warm smile and a hello. When life gets really stressful for me this is where I go to relax and get perspective on things. One of the things I have found most interesting about the Outer Banks is what lies beyond the obvious attractions everyone gets excited about.
  • Oregon Inlet : Just before the Bonner Bridge or Pirates Cove just off the Causeway are two great places to go around 4:30ish. That is when the fishing boats come in for the day and display their catch on the dock for everyone to see. Even if you are not into fishing this is an exciting thing to witness and it has been going on for a very long time.

Outer Banks Revealed: What is the one thing that is at the top of your list of things you still want to do?

Ron Akers: One of the things at the top of my "to do" list is to travel up the road that leads to Stumpy Point. This road will take you all the way to Greenville, NC and keeps you on the water the entire way. This in itself is beautiful, I have done this before. I want to go crabbing on the rocks at a small town along the way and stay in one of the small Bed & Breakfast Inns for the evening. This may seem like a really boring thing to want to do, but I have heard that some of the largest crabs to be had in the Outer Banks are waiting to be found there. I am there will be no problem finding someone nearby to steam them up for me.

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