Renting a House on the Outer Banks when under 25

by Justin
(Dover, DE)

Do you know a place in the Outer Banks that will rent to 22 and 23 year olds? I've been looking all over for sites that will rent to me but all of the sites I've come across say you must be a family or at least 25. Do you know a place or a site that can help me?

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Renting a house under the age of 25 - NOT EASY
by: Outer Banks Revealed

You fall in the dreaded "non-family" group area, and the first answer is always, but there are ways to get your group approved. I have two rental properties, and have had non-family groups rent my houses. Read the Non-Family Group page to get complete details on how to handle this situation. Here is what you have to do:

First, make sure you are absolutely honest about the make up of your group. If you try to sneak in as a family group, you will be in violation and will be evicted, losing all monies on deposit.

Second, you must make sure that everyone in the group will abide by the rules laid down by the rental company. Generally, they are as follows for non family groups:

1. If you have anyone in the house under 21, there is to be no alcohol. If you break this law or any other law, this is a reason for eviction and all monies will be forfeited.

2. If the police are called to the house because of excessive noise, you will be evicted and all monies will be forfeited.

3. You must agree to a $1,000 security deposit which will be returned to you six weeks after your departure. If there is no damage, all monies will be returned. If there is damage, let the rental company know and take responsibility for it.

4. You must be willing to submit to unannounced periodic inspections during your stay by the rental company personnel. They will be checking to see if you are conforming to the above guidelines.

5. If there is no one under the age of 25 in the group, you will be required to have a parent sign the lease and take responsibility for it.

Third, the owner will want to know that you are a responsible group and one that he/she can trust with their very valuable asset. Don?t forget, the owner is in this business to make money to cover the expenses of the house. If a group goes into the house and wrecks it, they will not be able to rent this out to other prospective renters. See if the rental company might permit you to speak to the owner so you can personally tell them of your intentions and that you will be a model renter. As my mother always says, "Leave a place better than you found it."

perfectly explained
by: Anonymous

lol my mom always said that too. thanks for the information, it's well put.

Renting under 25 made simple!
by: Anonymous

Hello, this article lays out some very important and respectable advice. My fiance and I stayed in the outer banks last year and I am 20 years old and my fiance is 22 years old. We have went to the outer banks every year with our family and when we finally decided to vacation on our own we found it very difficult to find a property manager willing to rent to us. Needless to say after searching for quite a while I found a realty company that was very accommodating as well as the owner of the property. We did not have to put down any security deposit even after we had offered up that idea nor did we have to encounter visits from the owner. He trusted us as responsible adults and just as you pointed out we left the property better than we found it, and now after having used this realty company last year and being in good standing it is so much easier to rent this year! We used "Resort Realty" and all we have to do is pick a few properties we are very interested in and then call and ask if the owners of the properties are open to renting to individuals who don't necessarily fall within the age restrictions. I hope this helps anyone who is planning a stay in the outer banks and is feeling defeated after being held to the stigma that all college students are irresponsible and destructive. I am a strong believer that if you present yourself in a positive and intelligent way the property manager will definitely take notice and realize they are making a generalization that is most definitely not universalizable.

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