Recommendation for where to stay

by Cheryl
(Lehigh Valley, PA)

What a great site! Thanks! Looking ahead to August 2012..Planning on visiting the OBX with 2-3 other couples and a total of about 5 boys, ages 9-12. Wondering if you can help guide us to a location, since each town seems to have its own 'feel'. Coming from PA, so want to stay as close to the direct route as possible, but our wish list includes: Beach (of course!) but lots of other things to do to keep the boys and ourselves busy, such as: crabbing, nature trails/boat tours, fishing, water sports such as kayaking or paddleboard lessons, and any other cool museums/places of interest for that age group. A decent restaurant or two would be great, but obviously night life is not a priority ;) ! THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!

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Where to stay ...
by: Dan

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for your question. If this is your first time on the Outer Banks, you are in for a REAL treat. All of the things you want to do on the Outer Banks is quite do-able in any of the towns, but let me focus on "night life is not a priority". Given that, I would recommend Hatteras Island. You can do all the things on your list, and the house will cost you a little less than Nags Head and north ... at least that is my experience.

Total unabashed commercial here, I would recommend you consider our home in Salvo.

OK, commercial over ;)

As far as being close to main roads, and so forth, this is not the Jersey Shore. Basically, there are two main roads, RT 12 and RT 158. RT 12 splits the Outer Banks in half from Southern Shores north and South of Nags Head on Hatteras Island. Everything is either ocean side or sound side. For the stretch from Kitty Hawk to Nags Head, Rt 12 and RT 158 split the area into three areas: East of RT 12: ocean side; RT 12 to RT 158: Between the roads; and West of RT 158: Sound side.

Now when you speak to most people who have been to the Outer Banks, most think Nags Head and north. There is nothing on your list you cannot do in this stretch. You will find Nags Head and north a bit more crowded than Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands, but you can do everything in both. In addition, Nags Head and north has a higher density of restaurants, so that may also sway your vote. Nags Head and north also has a lot more shopping options, so if that is something you want to do, you may hedge in that direction.

As far as historical sites, it is a toss up. Both ends have lighthouses. Kill Devil Hills has the Wright Brothers Monument, but Buxton has the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

The best news is regardless of where you stay, it is an easy drive to see whatever you want to see because it will be along eiter RT 158 or RT 12.

Hope this helps,


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