Questions about Corolla and Oracoke Island

by Sarah Jones
(Lexington, KY, United States)

I am looking for a place to vacation around the week of September 11 - September 18, and I was thinking about either Oracoke Island or Corolla. These two places primarily caught my attention due to the wild horses they have. I had a few questions I was hoping you could answer, which I've listed below.

1. Is is normally still warm enough in the month of September to lay on the beach and get into the ocean?

2. From what I've read, it appears that there isn't much "nightlife" in either of these destinations. Are there other places within driving distance that have more entertainment/attractions?

3. Between Oracoke Island and Corolla, which would you say offers the best beach and the best chance of seeing the horses? Do both places have guided tours to see the horses? Is there enough in either location to keep you busy for a full week?

4. Finally, can you recommend a web site or two where I can look for lodging, and do you have any recommendations on where to stay in either Corolla or Oracoke, preferably oceanfront and in a condo rather than a hotel?

Thank you for your assistance! I look forward to hearing from you!
Sarah Jones

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Opportunities to see the horses
by: Dan

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your questions. I will try and answer as best I can.

1. September is a great time on the Outer Banks. The temperatures usually range from a high of 81 during the day to a low of 69 at night with the water being 75-78. You may want to pack a sweatshirt as it may get a little chilly in the evenings on the deck.

2. Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk would likely offer more night life, but Corolla also has things to do in the evening. To get back to the rest of the Outer Banks when staying on Ocracoke would require a ferry ride. Not sure that would work.

3. First of all, one week is never enough time to see everything. Which beach is best? That is a hard one to answer. Dr. Beach recognized the beaches of Ocracoke as one of the top ten beaches in the US. Corolla also has great beaches ... Maybe Dr. Beach didn?t find his way up there in September. BTW, there is no reason why you couldn?t see both. Stay more central (Duck down to Nags Head) and you will be at most an hour in either direction to seeing both horses. You will need four wheel drive to see the Corolla horses , as they now actually live in Carova, which is north of Corolla. There is plenty to do because staying anywhere on the Outer Banks gives you access to the entire Outer Banks. Again, staying on Ocracoke will mean minding the ferry schedule, but otherwise, you are good to go. Here are some other sightseeing ideas. Yes there are guided nature tours. If you sign up for our newsletter,, you will gain access to the Sunny Day Guide coupons, which have discounts on everything imaginable on the Outer Banks, including guided tours.

4. How many are in your group? At that time of year, a rental house will be much cheaper than during the peak season, off by as much as 64%. Our Outer Banks rentals page will provide you with a few owner rental sites. I would also recommend you speak with Sun Realty ( at 1-800-843-2033, as they manage our home in Duck and cover the entire Outer Banks. If you are looking south, towards Ocracoke, you might want to also check out Outer Beaches Realty ( at 1-800-627-3150, as they manage our rental home in Salvo.

Hope I helped.

Kind regards,

Outer Banks Vacation
by: Katie

Dear Sarah:

September is a great time to visit the Outer Banks! It is still warm enough to enjoy the days outside and go into the ocean. The temperatures are more mild during that time of year allowing you to enjoy the beach and sun without the heat of the summer months.

As far as "nightlife", most of that is in the central beaches (Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head). Corolla is north of that area and Ocracoke is south. Ocracoke would require a ferry ride to get to the central beaches and "nightlife". My suggestion would be to stay in the central beaches and take a day trip to Corolla and/or Ocracoke to see the wild horses. You could fit both of those into a 7 night vacation, but 14 nights would be better to see all of what the Outer Banks has to offer.

Ocracoke & Corolla are both fantastic beaches. Corolla offers more of an opportunity to see the wild horses, with the best chance to see them in the 4 wheel drive section. Corolla does have companies offering wild horse & jeep tours of the town and the 4 wheel drive section.

I am a vacation specialist with Sun Realty on the Outer Banks. We represent over 1300 Outer Banks properties from Corolla to Hatteras with 1-14 bedrooms. We have a large selection of homes oceanfront to soundfront to fit every budget. I will be happy to help you find the perfect Outer Banks vacation home in the perfect location for you. Please call me at 800-334-4745 ext. 250 or e-mail me: You can also browse our homes at I look forward to speaking with you about your September vacation.

Katie Slaughter
Vacation Specialist
Sun Realty
800-334-4745 ext. 250

by: Cheryl

We just were evacutated because of Earl. We stay in Corolla, 7 years now. The exact area of beach is called Whalehead. Horse tours are given from just a few miles away. No if your looking to party and nightlife Corolla isn't for you. They have shops and resturants and I think a bar or two ... but its more of a sit on the beach with your cooler town. Also the houses have so much entertainment that usually you don't need to leave the house if you are with a group. We choose Whalehead because its less than a mile to one of the only supermarkets. I LOVE ELAN VACATIONS!! I have used them for about 5 years and every issue including the evacuation this morning was handled promptly. We had a leaky sink and they had someone at the house in about a hour to fix it. Also had one other with the outside of the house having a lot of crickets jumping by doors and made it hard to get in and out at night. Within a hour exterminator was at house, spraying shrubs and also sprayed inside home with a orderless pesticide. I have used other companies in the past ..and I could tell you I checked into a house on a saturday at 4 pm put on air gave it a hour to cool the house and realized it was was 95 degrees on the thermostat. When I callled other vacation rental agency I was told its after 5 pm and they were closed and I wouldn't have anyone to help me till Monday Morning!! I was livid!! That 95 degrees wasn't a emergency that warrented immediate attention! I would never be told that by Elan... They would of put me in another house if necessary...They are a smaller more personable company!! Hope you enjoy your vacation... I did even being evacuated.. I am already booked with Elan for next year!

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