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OBX Family Vacation Traditions

The OuterBanks vacation becomes a family tradition not only based on destination, but also by the things that must be done on every OBX vacation, otherwise something seems to be missing.

Carrie from Making Lemonade Blog shared a couple of her family traditions Carrie heads to Avon on Hatteras Island, where there are not much in the way of crowds, even by OBX standards, and it is all about making your own fun.

There must be some magic there, because the Outer Banks enchants most who visit! Just stop over to The Outer Beaches Realty fan page on Facebook and you'll see how crazy people are over that skinny stretch of sand. We stay in Avon, and when we pass over the bridge my blood pressure drops, my body un-tenses, and I breathe deeper than I have in months.

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As for traditions, a trip to OBX would not be complete without a stop at our favorite restaurant (The Dolphin Den), a kayak trip (or three) in the sound, a shopping spree at our favorite shops, and of COURSE a trip to the lighthouse. Huge family dinners of fresh crab top off the evenings. And the FUDGE! We must pig out at least once on Fudge from Jockeys Ridge or The Scotch Bonnet.

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 outerbanks vacations, outer banks nc, vacation in outer banks, north carolina outer banks

Our daughter's first view of the ocean was from Avon, her first sandy steps were on an Outer Banks beach, and now that we have another little one we can't wait for him to meet the beach as well.

Hey, Carrie, we just discovered Scotch Bonnet last year, and I have to say, they have AMAZING fudge in flavors I would never imagine putting together. I must say that we always buy enough to "bring some home", but it never seems to make it. Wonder why ... Our OuterBanks vacation is not complete without at least one fudge run.

If you want to hear more about the adventures of Carrie and her little ones, make sure you check out her blog, Making Lemonade. The link is at the top of the page.

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