Outer Banks Video

A “Moving” Representation of the Outer Banks

While out on Twitter, I came across a tweet by SandAWilson with an Outer Banks video attached.

It was developed by the Outer Banks Visitor Bureau and it seemed like they were going right through my Sightseeing page. I though they did it a really great job and here it is:

I thought to myself that wouldn’t it be great to put a page of OBX videos together. Well, as I started collecting them, I suddenly discovered that I had 15 videos, all of different types, but each describing the Outer Banks in a very personal way. Well, one page has now grown into multiple pages, and I’ve put a bit of a twist. You can vote for your favorite. At the bottom of each page will be a poll. Vote and let us know which you like best.

If you have a video you would like to have added to one of the pages or would like a whole new category, send us a note through our Contact Us page.

Follow the links to each of the videos … and don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite!

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