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Outer Banks vacations mean different things to different people. I would guess by now you know what it means to me (yes ... RELAXATION!) So I was trying to figure out how to get other people’s perspectives for this section. I’ve done things with polls and surveys. There are sections where you can contribute your ideas, but I wanted something different.

A good friend of mine, Bill Coleman, who has several websites, including one on the Gulf Shores started to do interviews. I though that seemed like a GREAT idea!

Sunrise on The Outer Banks of North Carolina

Now that I arrived at the idea, how would I get enough people to agree to be interviewed? Well, I came across the brainchild of Peter Shankman called Help A Reporter Out, or HARO. OK, to be honest, I didn’t so much come across it, as my daughter now works for them. HARO has a very simple business model. It links reporters on a deadline (and aren’t they always on a deadline??) with contacts. Well this simple business model has grown into a bona fide, big time business netting over $1 million per year. And here is the thing; it is free to the reporter and the contacts. Advertisers foot the bill. Sheer genius. It is the rage of the Public Relations industry.

So, I decided to post my "query" on HARO, and to my surprise and amazement, received a number of responses of vacationers, homeowners and local residents willing to tell you why they love the Outer Banks.

Below you will find those who were kind enough to respond. We have a range of people from fairly new vacationers to long-time vacationers and homeowners. You will find a short biography on each. I asked each to answer a series of short questions. So read through, and see if you can find the common theme for OBX vacations ... I’m guessing ... RELAXATION!

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