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We all look forward to our Outer Banks vacation. As soon as we book our rental house, one of the first things we think is, "what are we going to do to make this one a little different?"

We at Outer Banks Revealed have been trying to figure out how we might be able to bring a program to you that could package up various services on the Outer Banks and deliver an enhanced entertainment experience. We looked at Groupon and Living Social, but they don't know the Outer Banks exist. We looked at CityPass and similar programs. Their response? The Outer Banks is too small, when you compare to the likes of New York, LA, Philadelphia, Boston, DC, Chicago, Orlando and other cities they are prevalent in.

Finally, I spoke to a friend and he said, "Why don't you build your own?" Seemed ambitious for a little website. Then I thought, well how about if I got a few rental companies to help present the packages as soon as the vacationer rented their home for the upcoming season. And, believe it or not, I have a few rental companies interested. Of course, I still need to get the OBX business owner to see value, which I think I can do, but


Yes, YOU the Outer Banks vacationer. Without your support, an Outer Banks vacation entertainment program can never get off the ground.

Let me help explain the program. What do I mean by a package ...

One such example would be "Date Night". A night out for mom and dad away from the kids. It would include restaurant reservations, a babysitter and tickets to a show. All something you need to pull such a night off. This is not a coupon book, but services you want to buy because you pick them. Other ideas include "A Day of Beauty", with passes to a spa, lunch and shopping, or "Adventure Day", which would include a wild horse tour or dolphin tour or kayak tour with lunch or dinner, and Activities Day, which might include parasailing, waverunners or even surf lessons. All of these are on the drawing board.

The big thing, however, is what would it take for you, the Outer Banks vacation renter, to buy one or multiple of these packages? Surely the convenience is there, but would it require a discount? We are looking at this as two separate seasons:

  • Advanced Purchases: Packages bought prior to March 31 of the year of your Outer Banks vacation. This would likely happen as you are booking your rental through the rental company.
  • In Season Purchases: Packages acquired after April 1. These purchases would result as your Outer Banks vacation approaches and you are looking to fill out your activities.


Below is a very brief survey ... two questions and they are multiple choice, unless you pick the over. Please complete the two questions and hit the submit button. If you decide you need a bigger discount to convince yourself to buy a program, what would that discount have to be? Fill in the box under that survey question. If you have any other comments, you can also put it in the comment boxes.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Please note: You only need to include your name and email if you would like to get the results of the survey. Anonymous responses are perfectly acceptable.

Outer Banks Entertainment Package Program

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