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Please note that we sold our home in January of 2020. If you are interested in renting Shore's Heaven for your vacation, please visit VRBO # 1875364.

If you are looking for Outer Banks rentals, we would like you to consider our home in Salvo NC.

Our Salvo Outer Banks Vacation Rental

Our OBX rental was built in 2006 and is called Shore’s Heaven. As mentioned earlier, it is located in Salvo, down on Hatteras Island. The story of naming this house is much simpler than that of the first house we purchased in 2002 and sold in 2012, which will be explained a bit later. No alliterations, no constraints around using the town’s name, just name it what we felt about the location.

For us, seeing Salvo and looking over a relatively empty beach, where our development backed up to 15 miles of wide open park service land meant that this area would always be unspoiled by development. It “sure was heaven” for us, hence the name (with a Philly twist since we go down the “shore” not to the beach :) Shores Heaven. To find out more about this house including rates, pictures and availability, click on the link of the house’s name or click on the picture of the house. If you are looking for a quite place to take the family and like making your own fun, Hatteras Island is the place for you.

Starting with the 2014 season, we have instituted some major changes with our home. 2014 is the first year we will totally self-manage the house. What does this mean? No need to start your vacation in a rental company office. We provide a keyless entry for your stay. In addition, we will have a cleaning and management company directly answerable to us. They will be contacting you within the first 24 hours to ensure everything is as you want it. And they offer some great services as part of their concierge program. For instance: Don't want to start your vacation at the grocery store? Then don't. Let them do the food shopping for you and have it waiting when you arrive. To learn more about what we are doing, please follow this link to the Shore's Heaven website. You will find that not all Outer Banks Rentals are created equally. Discover the Shore's Heaven difference!

Our Duck Outer Banks Vacation Rental

The first house we bought was in 2002 in the town of Duck. It was later sold in 2012. The name of the house when we owned it was MemorSeas of a Lifetime. How did we come up with that name? Well, it’s a bit of a story, but here goes. The tradition in Duck NC was to come up with a name that had something to do with "Duck", like "Duck on Inn" or something like that. By 2002, most of the original names using "Duck" were gone, and people started to come up with other names. As we were trying to come up with a name, we came across this poem by Henry Van Dyke:

Favorite people, favorite places, favorite memories of the past.
These are the joys of a lifetime; these are the things that last.

It seemed to give us a theme, as we had been going to the Outer Banks about 10 years at that point, and certainly many of our "memories of a lifetime" were made here. So, I had my children play around with the concept, and my oldest daughter came up with "MemorSeas", hence the name: "MemorSeas of a Lifetime".

So you know, when people buy a house, they do have a tendency to change the name. This house was originally named "Summer SOULtice". So if you are interested, you may want to see if Sun Realty is still managing it.

Like everywhere on the Outer Banks, we rent our OBX vacation rentals primarily to family groups. We have rented to non-family groups in the past, and have had success with that, so we would consider the right non-family group.

Not quite what you are looking for? Maybe our Outer Banks rentals are too large for your group or, worse yet, the weeks are already taken? Then you may want to consider looking at these Outer Banks rental homes. This page will provide various other sources that you can rent your next vacation property from. If you are looking for what to bring on your next vacation, here is a list of items to consider packing.

To find either of our Outer Banks rentals on the map, follow the link.

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