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If you are looking for a selection of Outer Banks rental homes, we have you covered. Hopefully you’ve read Outer Banks vacation rentals and you now know exactly what would be your perfect fit. All that is left is finding it. Terrific! We’re here to help you do just that and are giving you some options. In addition to our own OBX vacation rentals, we’ve put together some rental services that cover the entire Outer Banks. They are in the following categories:

  • Our Rental Properties: We'd be remised if we did not offer this as an alternative. You will be working directly with me, the owner, to determine if these Outer Banks rental homes are a fit.

  • Owner List Sites: Prefer to work directly with the owner? Here are a few alternatives to see if their OBX vacation rentals might cover the need. Please note that some Outer Banks rental companies also list on these sites, so you may also be dealing with a rental company. This section should cover the entire Outer Banks.

  • Options for Owners: Here are some sites where owners can list their Outer Banks rental homes to fill up their calendars. Take control of your rental calendar! In addition, there is also an option for those owners who might want to swap weeks with other owners.

Not planning to stay at one of the Outer Banks rental homes on your next stay? OK, well we also have you covered with our information on Outer Banks Hotels. We've teamed up with Hotels Combined, who scours the Internet for the best deals and brings them all back in one place. If you see the name as a hyper-link for that hotel, it means you will get detailed information, customer ratings and you can even book your stay right there.


Outer Banks Revealed Exclusive

2009 proved to be a difficult year. 2010 witnessed a bit of a bounce back for Outer Banks Vacation Home Rentals. What does 2011 hold? Hear from the Summer Rental Experts, the Outer Banks Rental Companies, as they participate in the 2011 Rental Company Roundtable. This is a great read for both vacationers and homeowners alike!

The 2010 Rental Company Roundtable provided great insight into what the summer of 2010 would hold. All of the participants returned for the 2011 survey. See how the responded to the 2010 Roundtable.


So, good luck with your search. If you need any help whatsoever, please feel free to use our form on the Contact Us page and we will be happy to help anyway we can. Next step after you select your house? What to pack .

Our Outer Banks Rental Home

If you are interested in possibly renting our Outer Banks rental home or have any questions on our house feel free to contact us by clicking on the picture in the house box below. This will take you to the page for the house with more information, pictures and rates.

Our Salvo Outer Banks Vacation Rental
Check Availability Calendar
This is our 6 bedroom 7.5 bathroom
house located in South Beach in
Salvo. To find out more about the
house, including rates, how to
inquire about the house, and see
additional pictures, click on the
picture to take you to the house
page. To share this information with
family or friends click on the PDF
download button. To see a calendar
on up to date availiability,
click on the calendar link.

Owner List Sites

Here are a few more choices, each with a number of Outer Banks rental homes to choose from. To find Outer Banks rentals on VR Agent (top left), follow the instructions in the box. To find Outer Banks houses on Vacation Home Rentals (top right), simply click the "Outer Banks Vacation Rentals" link under the box. For HomeAway (bottom left), the company that we've listed our homes on for years, simply put the name of the town you are considering into the search box and up will come your list of homes. For SellMyTimeshareNow (bottom right), a company which offers resort timeshare condos for rent and sale, simply click on the banner or link below it. All have a great selection of homes in every size and price range all up and down the Outer Banks.

Below the boxes, you will also see a listing of some of the actual houses available. If you see what you like, click on the dark blue headline and it will take you through to the actual listing where you can inquire about availability and so forth. You can also do a search for what you are looking for, but please include Outer Banks and then what you are seeking or else you will get all houses that have six bedrooms if you put in six bedrooms.

HomeAway.com - Vacations with more room.

Outer Banks Timeshare Rentals

Options for Homeowners

Are you getting all of the bookings that you hoped for? Are there still some holes in your calendar? Are you too reliant on your rental company? Here's how I took control of my rental calendar. Here are some companies that can help you do the same thing.

HomeAway Vacation Rentals

Top of Outer Banks Rental Homes

Home to Outer Banks Revealed

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Our Salvo Outer Banks Vacation Rental
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