Outer Banks Map

An Interactive Experience

The Outer Banks Map is an interactive map driven by Google with links to detailed content from Outer Banks Revealed. What does this mean? You get all of the power and capability you get with any Google Map and, in addition, by clicking on the blue town placemarks, you will be immediately linked to a "bubble" with links to the pages of Outer Banks Revealed.

How to Use the Outer Banks of North Carolina Map

  • Click on the directional arrows to move up and down or left and right

  • Zoom in or out by clicking on the "+" or "-" sign

  • To see Google related information, like pictures, video, webcam, etc., click on the "view Outer Banks of North Carolina in a larger map" link at the bottom right hand corner of the map.

  • When in the "Larger Map Mode", pick up the little man on top of the zoom in/out scale and drop him on the area you wish to see in more detail, and he will zoom you into picture mode. (Pretty cool feature)

View Outer Banks of North Carolina in a larger map

Features of the Outer Banks of North Carolina Map

  • Town Placemarks link to pages in Outer Banks Revealed

  • Road Map View (Large Map View only)

  • Satellite View (Large Map View only)

  • Ability to zoom in and out

  • Photos, Video, and Webcams (Large Map View only)

  • 360 degree view of locations (Large Map View only)

Please note that Large Map view will also enable you to get directions to and from a location that you zoom down to.

Let me know if there are other things you would like to see added by using the Contact us page.

Top of Outer Banks Map

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