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Outer Banks kiteboarding is a sport that will mesmerize those who happen to witness it. It is a sport that combines sheer athleticism with artistry in the air.

My first experience with kiteboarding happened while I was sitting on the beach with my daughter, Kimmy, and her friend. A guy I met earlier in the day at the Pea Island Art Store asked me to help him launch his kite. I looked around and didn’t know what he was talking about until he pulled it out of his backpack. We did manage to help him launch it, and off he went into the ocean. My first reaction, as I watched him take off, was that he was crazy, which changed to amazement, and finally sheer appreciation for his athleticism as he twirled and flipped in the air. It was an amazing thing to witness.

Another place to witness Outer Banks kiteboarding is on the sound between Avon and Buxton. During our trip to see the Cape Hatteras lighthouse in the summer of 2009, we happened across this area. There must have been about 15 kiteboarders out on the sound twisting and twirling in the air. It was quite the show.

We bring you the next best thing here. Check out these videos of these flying, athletic artists.

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Title: Kiters in Hatteras 2008

Author: jimstringfellow

Description: A little "chucktown" style video from our trip to the outer banks in April 2008. jesse, mccune, chet, jeff, doug, sibborn, kirsten, alex, dave, steveA and me. footage from our backyard launch area in Buxton NC and other footage from Kite Point and Salvo NC. first real test of the hi def water housing.

Title: Outer Banks 2008 Revisited

Author: jimstringfellow

Description: Me and the guys headed back to Cape Hatteras North Carolina for round two kiteboarding on The Outer Banks this past October. Me, Alex, Mark, Joe, Tyson and Todd in this video...

Title: Kitesurfing North Carolina: Winds around KittyHawk

Author: jkiter

Description: Kitesurfers from all over the world go out of their way to ride the winds of the Outer Banks. Yes, there is flat water and it can work for kiters of all skill levels. Check out one of the most popular KiteSites in the world!

Title: Ocracoke

Author: rnetsch

Description: Kiteboard venture down to Ocracoke NC back in 2004.

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