Outer Banks Bound

Stars prance on wings of black velvet nights
Candle lit moments trace enchanting delights

Ebb of the tides, the waves rise and fall,
The nautical chimes of the winds heed their call

Dance of the dolphins, binds humans to sea,
An Equestrian essence, spirits wild and born free

The story tales bellow, from light houses of old
Seven shipwrecks claim sunsets with desire to behold

White sand beaches the texture and softness of silk
Newborn colts wobble weakly towards warm mother's milk

This haven of treasures can only be found
In North Carolina, when Outer Banks bound.


© 2009 TYMENUS (All rights reserved)

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Jun 05, 2009
Captures the essense of the Outer Banks
by: Dan

Thanks for sharing not only the picture but your wonderful poetry!

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