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You need to develop a set of online business strategies that will help drive your business to success. Ironically, despite what some may say, the strategies that drive an online business successfully have parallels to those in the real world. Here are some of the keys to starting a small business online.

Giving Them What They Want

On the Internet, people are basically looking for two things: information and to buy something. Oh, wait, that is why they come to your business offline as well. So we have a direct parallel here. It is extremely important that you re-create that successful buying experience you've created in your business. Why do they seek you out? What information do you have that they seek? Ultimately, what is the thing(s) that create that buying moment? That trust and relationship? That is what you need to create in your online business. It is the most important of your online business strategies. If you cannot create that trust and develop that relationship; if you do not have what they want to buy, you will not be successful. Content and the right products are the keys to success in the online world. This, then, is your small online business opportunity. What makes you unique and different in the real world must be replicated in your online business. People must see your passion for the topic, in a friendly and comfortable way, since they cannot speak to you personally. Here are some additional resources in understanding your online business strategy:

If I Build It Will They Come?

People always talk about "location, location, location" as one of the tenets to drive success. This is quite relevant in the online world. It is important, as part of one of your online business strategies that you establish a viable spot on the web (and soon, in mobile). Think of it as your online address. A viable location on the web, however, is slightly harder to discern than simply picking out a geographic location. It means, getting the key search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to find your pages and rank them highly. If you are not on the front page of the search engines pages, you may as well be selling swimming trunks on the top of Mount Everest. On Niche Marketing Strategies, I mentioned I was using SiteBuildIt or SBI. They provide a tool that allows me to understand the demand and supply for a keyword (a keyword is a word or phrase that is built in your content that people will naturally search for) so that I can optimize my content. If you are reading this right now, you probably did a search in Google or one of the other search engines mentioned and came across this page. All web hosts do not supply such a tool, but you will want one nonetheless. Here are some sources if you wish to explore keywords in more detail:

Another one of your online business strategies is link building. This is the process by which you get others to put a link from their website to your website. By doing this, it will send not only traffic to your site, but also the search engines who will push your rankings up higher, as links are equated to being an authority on a given subject. One example of link building is press releases. Here are some resources to provide more information on link building:

Building Your Online House

Your home online will be your website. The key will be finding a web host that fits your needs. I happen to use one that has a lot of tools and had a very disciplined process to follow in building out my websites. This is what I felt comfortable with. You may want something much cheaper and scaled down as you might be quite literate in building out websites. Do not look at the price of the website host in isolation. Consider all of the tools you need and match that up to what you can get through a particular webhost and what it will cost to buy the others elsewhere. In addition to SBI mentioned earlier, here is a selection of other webhost you might want to consider.

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