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Can They Rent a House in the Outer Banks?

Non family groups have run into this scenario for years in the Outer Banks. You’ve pulled a group of friends together. Everyone is excited about renting a house for a fun week on the Outer Banks!

You call up a few rental companies to inquire about availability and contacted a few owners on line when all of a sudden you are hit with this:

A non-family group is defined as unmarried young adults, high school students, college students or any other group-type situation. Properties are patrolled on a regular basis. No wedding groups, chaperoned, un-chaperoned, fraternities, school or civic groups allowed. ABSOLUTELY NO HOUSE PARTIES ALLOWED. ID’s must be furnished if requested. Violation of the above may be grounds for expedited eviction with no refund except for the refund of such security deposits as may be required under the provisions of the Residential Tenant Security Deposit Act. The security deposit paid by the Tenant may be applied to actual damages caused by the Tenant and any other purposes permitted under the provisions of Article 6, Chapter 42 of the North Carolina General Statutes entitled "Residential Tenant Security Deposit Act." NC Gen. Stat. 14-100 makes it a crime to obtain any rental unit under false pretenses.

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Of course, the first question is: What are "non family groups" and why am I having this problem? I am responsible, right? How come I can’t get a house? What do you mean you need someone 25 or older to sign the lease? My college says I am an adult and my parents can’t have any information unless I OK it, now I have to get them to sign the lease??

OK, first let’s chill on the righteous indignation and take a close look at the situation. First of all, if you are looking to rent a house and you are a high school senior, it is very unlikely that any rental company will rent to you for "senior week" or whatever you happen to call that week. That is primarily because history has taught the rental companies that this "group" has generally been the most destructive group primarily since this is the first "opportunity" away from mom and dad. The other group that generally falls into this non family group category is college students. So if you want to have any chance of renting a house, you will want to do the following things.

First, make sure you are absolutely honest about the make up of your group. If you try to sneak in as a family group, you will be in violation and will be evicted, losing all monies on deposit.

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Second, you must make sure that everyone in the group will abide by the rules laid down by the rental company. Generally, they are as follows for non family groups:

  • If you have anyone in the house under 21, there is to be no alcohol. If you break this law or any other law, this is a reason for eviction and all monies will be forfeited.

  • If the police are called to the house because of excessive noise, you will be evicted and all monies will be forfeited.

  • You must agree to a $1,000 security deposit which will be returned to you six weeks after your departure. If there is no damage, all monies will be returned. If there is damage, let the rental company know and take responsibility for it.

  • You must be willing to submit to unannounced periodic inspections during your stay by the rental company personnel. They will be checking to see if you are conforming to the above guidelines.

  • If there is no one under the age of 25 in the group, you will be required to have a parent sign the lease and take responsibility for it.

Third, the owner will want to know that you are a responsible group and one that he/she can trust with their very valuable asset. Don’t forget, the owner is in this business to make money to cover the expenses of the house. If a group goes into the house and wrecks it, they will not be able to rent this out to other prospective renters. See if the rental company might permit you to speak to the owner so you can personally tell them of your intentions and that you will be a model renter. As my mother always says, "Leave a place better than you found it."

The Outer Banks is a family oriented vacation destination that takes great pride in the wholesome fun it portrays. It does not want to become a "Senior Week" or "Spring Break" haven with the reputation that brings along. However, non family groups will be given opportunities to rent properties if they present the right image and follow through on it. I have had several non family groups rent my houses over the years and never had an issue with them, primarily because they agreed to follow the guidelines above and left the place better than they found it.

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