my heart is breaking

by justoneofmanyheartsbreaking
(bunn nc)

hello -

you have a beautiful and execellent way of expressing yourself on this issue. thank for for it very much.

i have been following your site and your thoughts on this for a few years now and have been with you all along the emotional ride. i was a naysayer early on like you when six or so years ago ... i was hearing my husband say "watch out ... this thing is backed with big powers and hidden agendas ... the long term goal is no people on those beaches period". and I scoffed and said ... "i don't think so ... it's all going to work out in the end". i think you and i came to view this and had a change of thought pretty much on the same time table.

we have owned a second home there in avon for about 10 years now and we are going to be fine with our investment. it's the local people, their lives, the families affected, the way of life there that i cry for. the unfairness and downright back-assward thing that is happening that boils my blood. how do we get more people to see this thing for what it is? how do we get more people upset to action and get a voice? how do we get that voice heard by politicians and the president ulitimately to get their blood to boil too and vote and make this right? how did common sense just get so out of whack? i feel that this is
the best and ONLY time in the next few months to have a chance to set it right. there are so many people much more qualified than i am to make an impact. but there are a lot of us (like you and me ... 2nd or third degree of separation types of people) who want to affect a positive change towards the goal of justice for humans to have reasonable access to our unique paradise on earth.

would social media be our savior? will the republicans be our savior? being a democrat i never thought i would say that.

what about civil disobedience? maybe should we take a page out of the history books from the 60s and early 70's as they did to protest things and get national recognition and plan a "drive-in" instead of a "sit-in"? I am starting to think so!!!!!!!!!!

we would have to have enough provisions to last out several months. the camp grounds could be taken over for our use and we could take over the airport

would it take us organizing a drive-in and take over of the point ... until we are all arested and our vehicles impounded? i think this is what it is going to take.

since this is election time ... i think we should demand to negotiate directly with either Judge Boyle or The President of the United States since those seem to be the only two people who have the ability to change things.

These are my feelings ....

my protest/indian name would be "justoneofmanyheartsbreaking"

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