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Well, you are not only blatantly political in this rant but also severely misinformed and inaccurate. The rampage of statements like yours saying the beaches are "closed" has kept many, many tourists away. You would do yourself and your readers and the Outer Banks a better service by understanding the history of the Consent Decree and the reasons why Judge Boyle,a renowned conservative, had little choice but to implement the management system now in place. A system to manage ORVs on CHNS beaches was required by law 35 years ago and upheld after varirous challenges and by further federal actions. Of all National Seashores required to implement a management plan, only CHNS management failed to do so, mainly because of intimidation by various individuals and organizations, many of which remain among us. Maybe you are one of them. If you would like your rental property to remain attractive to people who will care well for it and the beach, you would be smart to support the protection of the natural areas and wildlife around you that draw people here to begin with instead of bashing the protection attempts.

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Jul 04, 2010
Please re-read my post
by: Dan

I said upfront that I had an interest in keeping the beach access free and open in the Cape Hatteras Seashore areas not already open by the towns. What's your agenda? Oh wait, you didn't sign your name.

Let me repeat: The beaches immediately adjacent to the towns, such as Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras Village, and Ocracoke are open. What gets closed from time to time are the beaches not adjacent to the towns, such as the 15 miles between Salvo and Avon, and then only certain ramp sections within that stretch.

Again, reread my post. It has been up for a year and you are the first to accuse me of making it "political" and "ranting". BTW, this was made political the minute Judge Boyle called in his friends from the animal defense fund on what was a DUI issue. Further, I miss the "rant" part. Last time I checked, "ranting" was defined as "uttering or expressing with violence or extravagance; to speak or write in an angry or violent manner." Hmmm, maybe you can point that out to me. Everything I've said is backed up with a link verifying my assertions. Now, I am sure because it doesn't jive with your prism of the world, it is "raving". That's OK. You have a right to your opinion.

Since forever, the people of the Outer Banks have sought and have maintained a symbiotic relationship with the wildlife of the Outer Banks. How your Judge Boyle turned a drunk driving citation into this fiasco is beyond me. I do not get the connection, unless there was an axe to grind. Where the ORV are driving are down by the ocean, not in the dunes where the birds are nesting. Oh, yeah, most of the birds being "protected" are not even on the endangered species list. Have you read the reports? I know, don't confuse you wth the facts. Also, the animals most threatened are the sea turtles, and the people of the Hatteras Island have long looked out for them.

BTW, truth be told, it is your side that is grossly overfunded through the various wildlife protection groups, all altruistic in purpose, but a bit mis-guided in this instance. When I've question them in the past, none have ever been to the Outer Banks and understand the true impact of what is being done. Again, THE BEACHES OF THE TOWNS OF HATTERAS ISLAND AND OCRACOKE ARE NOT CLOSED, what is closed from time to time are the beaches within the Cape Hatteras Seashore adjacent to these towns that are not under the control of the towns. The people who rent my houses are unaffected by this situation, except for the threatening signs that are posted when an area is shut down.

I have posted your submission because I believe all sides should be heard. You are welcomed to your opinion. It is not one that I share.

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