Morgan Mason

Living and Working in Southern Shores

Morgan Mason
The Outer Banks Real Estate Company
Morgan Mason

As an experienced real estate broker living and working in Southern Shores, NC, Morgan Mason is indeed the Resident Realtor. Her keen interest in real estate and technology has allowed her to use social media, online advertising and multiple means of communication as tools for the success of her clients.

Morgan’s extensive business background and real estate experience prepared her for her #1 goal: keeping the worry and confusion out of real estate transactions for everyone involved.

Jack & Morgan Mason of The OUter Banks Real Estate Company

Morgan’s love for animals and care for her community are the motivating factors that drive her to succeed. Morgan says, “I live in the most beautiful coastal community on the eastern seaboard, The Outer Banks of North Carolina.” Her obvious affection for everything Outer Banks along with “her deep understanding of this unique market makes working with her a pure pleasure”, according to her clients.

Morgan and her partner, Jean-Paul Peron are the proud owners of The Outer Banks Real Estate Company LLC. Jack, the Havanese, works there as well. You must drop by the see them when you are next in town.

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