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Everything You Look for in a Beach Town

Karen St Claire owns and operates Wett Giggles Soap, a natural glycerin soap with a toy/nailbrush attached. It's a fun product to get kids into good hygiene habits. Coming soon is a new kid's hand sanitizer just in time for the cold and flu season. Karen's tag line: "The best way to predict the future is to create it!" You can reach Karen at www.wettgiggles.com.

Karen St Claire's son showing off his catch on the Outer Banks

Outer Banks Revealed: When did you first visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina and what makes you keep coming back?

Karen: August 2009 was my first visit. We will we definitely return because it’s everything you look for in a beach town.

Outer Banks Revealed: What make the Outer Banks different from other beach vacation spots you've visited?

Karen: The Outer Banks is sooo different than other spots ... It’s clean, pretty and so understated. Normally we head out to Fire Island New York ... but they have so many rules just to enjoy the beach. (At one point you couldn't drink anything on the beach) Now at least they allow water ... and only water ... No eating allow. But in Ocracoke this place is special ...for you to enjoy ... your way! First of all the beaches are not overcrowded ... and my favorite. You have a place to park your cars(NO FEES)... everywhere in the NY you're nickeled and dimed for every inch of space you take ... Actually I think just having that worry off your plate when going to the beach put ones mind at ease(no ticket to worry about).

Outer Banks Revealed: What is your favorite Outer Banks town? Why?

Karen: Ocracoke ... Mainly because my co-worker has been raving about it for years. And I just love the name Ocracoke ... It’s such a laid back town ... with no one in a hurry. You learn to be patient and share your space with others. (There is plenty to go around) The town allows cars and bikes to travel on the same road ... And of course the cars move at a much slower pace than NYC traffic ... We are always hurrying to get to the next hurry.

Outer Banks Revealed: What is your favorite thing to do on the Outer Banks? Why?

Karen: I love real simple things ... to me they are the most comforting. I like sitting by the ocean and doing nothing but taking in the beauty of everything ... biking riding through back roads…stopping for ice cream ... seeing how happy my son was to fish with his dad ... eating together as a family ... and sleeping late with the ocean air in the background.

Outer Banks Revealed: If you met someone who never visited the Outer Banks, what are the top five things you would tell them they had to do? Why?


  • They must slow down(we all need a little R&R)
  • Rent a house(so many to choose from)
  • Rent a bike(Biking riding is like ice cream ... sooner or later you have to have some)
  • Have lunch by the water ...
  • Go fishing ... with family ... with friends or by your self ... then of course cook your catch of the day.

Why? ... Because if you haven’t done one of these simple things in awhile or ever it’s time.

Outer Banks Revealed: What is the one thing that is at the top of your list of things you still want to do?

Karen: We didn’t get a chance to check out the museums on the island or visit the Wright Brothers National Memorial on the way down.

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