John Lewis

Uncrowded Beaches and Total Relaxation

John Lewis owns an Outer Banks rental property in Kitty Hawk and frequently vacations in the Outer Banks. For John, the biggest benefit is that we have uncrowded (relatively) beaches without being completely isolated. Especially compared to NE beaches like NJ, Maryland, Delaware, Cape Cod. Much better golf than many people expect. Good year 'round weather. Very friendly locals and good service people. Total relaxation.

Outer Banks Revealed: When did you first visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina and what makes you keep coming back?

John: First visited in the early 90s and then didn’t visit again for about 10 years. A lot changed, a bit more crowded but still peaceful and definitely more in the way of quality restaurants, golf courses, shopping and other activities.

SoulShine in Kitty Hawk, NC on the Outer Banks

Outer Banks Revealed: What make the Outer Banks different from other beach vacation spots you've visited?

John: Instant relaxation. Really a low-stress vacation. Can be very active or do nothing. Uncrowded beaches, unlike NJ, Delaware, Maryland, etc.

Outer Banks Revealed: What is your favorite Outer Banks town? Why?

John: We like Kitty Hawk, where our rental home is, because during the season it is at least a half hour closer to DC than Nags Head, for instance. Kitty Hawk is also ideally positioned for a ride north to Duck or south to Manteo or Hatteras. The homes are not too big either and even though the beach is narrow in some spots, it is never crowded because the population is less dense. We have found our favorite restaurants to be in Kitty Hawk as well, ranging from Ocean Boulevard to John’s dive burger shack.

Outer Banks Revealed: What is your favorite thing to do on the Outer Banks? Why?

John: Favorite thing is to do nothing. Sit on the beach and read. Play a few rounds of golf. Eat the local shrimp and tuna. Take a run on the beach.

Outer Banks Revealed: If you met someone who never visited the Outer Banks, what are the top five things you would tell them they had to do? Why?


Outer Banks Revealed: What is the one thing that is at the top of your list of things you still want to do?

John: Visit the North Carolina Aquarium or take a fishing charter.

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