Investment Property Mortgage Rates

As you go shopping for investment property mortgage rates, it would be good to be armed with information on where the market is and what to expect. For a quick refresher on investment property mortgages, visit the investment property mortgage page for a quick overview.

On this page, you will find several investment property mortgage calculators and information gadgets to help as you make your investment decision. At the bottom of the page, you will find some mortgage broker options to secure your mortgage. With the information you determine on the top part of the page, it should have you well informed for the selection decision.

Real Estate Calculator

The real estate calculator is actually four calculators in one. The first tab will calculate your expected mortgage payment, given borrowing amount, rates, real estate taxes and insurance. The second tab will calculate the amount you of house you can buy based on how big of a monthly mortgage payment you wish to have. The third tab will help you determine how big of a mortgage you can afford based on your annual income and other key parameters. Finally, and most importantly, the fourth tab will provide you with your projected investment property cashflow. This is extremely important so that you know what you need to do in order to drive this property to at least break-even. You may even consider running tab four first and then running the second tab (how much house you can afford based on size of mortgage payment.

Mortgage Rates by Region

The mortgage rate by zip code from provides current rates for primary home financing. Remember that investment property mortgage rates are generally 25 to 75 bps higher than primary mortgage rates. This information is provided so that market conditions are understood. For the purposes of the Outer Banks, you will want to add the zipcode for the particular town you are considering.

Multiple Mortgage Types Comparison

Many investment properties are financed through ARMs, or adjustable rate mortgages. This gadget will allow you to compare several ARMs of different fixed durations and rates to help you decide which is most advantageous to your investment horizon. It also provides a comparison for the 30 Year Fixed.

Mortgage Rates

When to Lock the Rate

This is one of the hardest decisions in the investment property mortgage rates process. When do you lock in your rate? This gadget shows you what is happening with rates in the mortgage market. Together, this should provide the information you need to determine if it is worth waiting for another 1/8 to 1/4 point.

Mortgage Stories

When to Refinance

This gadget will help you determine if it is time to refinance your investment property mortgage. Supply your current payment and the rate you are considering and it will compare the cash outlay of the two alternatives.

Refinance Calculator

Sources for Investment Property Mortgages

Loan Consolidators

If you so not wish to shop investment property mortgage rates, why not let the consolidators provide you with the best rates and programs from their inventory. Here you will find mortgage companies “fighting for your business”. Fill out the easy application, and see what comes back!

Top of Investment Property Mortgage Rates

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