"Why Would You Drive Seven Hours
to Go to the Outer Banks?"

That's just one of many questions my family and I have been asked since heading for the Outer Banks of North Carolina and forsaking the Jersey Shore in 1991. Little did we know at the time that one trip would turn into a lifetime passion. Route 12,the backbone of the Outer BanksWhy do so many people drive around with those white oval stickers on their car and the letters "OBX"? For us, that answer is simple. It is where stress takes a holiday. It's that straightforward.

To be honest, my favorite part is sitting on the beach and watching the water come in and go out; in and go out. With the pelicans patrolling overhead and the red knots feverishly dashing back and forth to beat the waves while looking for their next meal. You can feel the 50 weeks of stress slowly ooze out of your body.

My wife and one of my daughters, on the other hand, love sightseeing. Are you interested in lighthouses? There are four of them to see. How about historical sites? Well there is the Wright Brothers National Memorial, the Lost Colony, and many others we will talk about.

And I should not forget shopping ... How could I forget that? Something else my wife and kids (we have three, two girls and a boy) are experts at (well maybe not my son).

Maybe you are into fishing or water sports. Well let me tell you, you can do some of the best fishing right off the beaches, as well as the boat charter route from Oregon’s Inlet. In addition, the southern Outer Banks is a haven for surfers, wind surfers and kite surfers. And of course, there are always the wave runners in Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds. We will get into all of this.

And by the way, the Outer Banks is not just a great summer beach location. We've been going between Christmas and New Years for the past six years, and we’ll tell you about some of the neat things that go on during that time period.

Duck Outer Banks beach scene

Some of the things we will be writing about as we build this site out are:

  • What is so special about these North Carolina beaches?
  • What makes each town unique?
  • How to pick the perfect OBX vacation rentals.
  • What to expect from the rental companies.
  • "Must see" in OBX
  • What should you be packing for vacation?
  • Where do you get supplies once you are there?
  • Our favorite restaurants
  • What are the unique stores you should try and visit?
  • Does investment in rental property make sense? (We have two)
  • How we are able to maintain our Outer Banks beach rentals "all the way" from Pennsylvania.
  • A little history, like the Wright Brothers and the wild horses.
  • Art on the Outer Banks
  • And throughout it all, the people we’ve met that have made this place a "gotta go and experience".

In addition, we'd like to hear from you. We've added pages so you can actually put in your thoughts. Do you have a favorite vacation memory? Follow the link to have your story told in your own words! What about that fishing story or golf story you've been telling your friends and family about for years? Follow the links to share it with Outer Banks Revealed visitors! We want to share your stories as much as our own to give everyone the full OBX experience. Look for the invitation at the bottom of select pages to join in and help others appreciate this wonderful place. Lord knows during those times when we are not physically there, we would all love to have something to jog our memory of this unforgettable place. And anyone who has ever gone to the Outer Banks has something valuable to share with others.

What Others Have Said About Outer Banks Revealed
From Tom of WI

This site is special. It is a compact, easy to use, "everything you need to know" about OBX. This had to take you hours upon hours. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the OBX which in turns helps others create their memories. I went through this area in my teens on a vacation and felt drawn to it ever since. That ferry ride to the Ocracoke Island is unforgettable. I've been back to the OBX several times as an adult, although it has been a decade. When the kids get older, I plan to return!

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