Hatteras Residents Need YOUR Help

by Gracie
(Avon NC 27915)

Beach Closed to ALL

Beach Closed to ALL

Back in the 1930's the residents of Hatteras Island gave their land to the State of NC to give over to the Federal Gov. to establish a Recreational Area and also set aside 18 miles as a bird refuge. People were promised that they and all Americans would always have access to the beach. That promise is now being broken. The people of Hatteras depend on Tourism for their livelihood. We have nothing to offer the public except the beach. People come here to fish the Point for Big Drum, Sun bathe, look for shells and just relax. We were unique because we had miles of open and free beaches, where you could load up the truck and drive right down to the waters edge. The Audubon Society, Defenders of wildlife have filed suit against us. They are closing YOUR Beach for the Piping Plover. We have shared the beach with the birds we love for hundreds of years. They have closed the point, one of the most famous fishing areas in the country. Many that traveled many miles to fish were disappointed and angry. Without our beaches we DIE. Many have posted signs Save a Bird KILL an Island. Business's have had to close their doors. Jobs being lost. Local paper stated Unemployment up 17% in dare County. Not only have they closed off beach access "ANIMAL LOVERS LISTEN CLOSE" Defenders of Wildlife along with the NPS have KILLED hundreds of Raccoons, Possum, feral cats, fox and I heard even a pet dog, any animal that MIGHT disturb a Bird. Don't all God's creatures deserve to live. Who gives them the right to pick and choose. Here is a link that will tell you more. PLEASE help us by spreading the word. For the complete story, go to Preserve Beach Access

Local paper for all updates at Island Free Press Good Reading.

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