Get a grip

by Geoff
(Cary, NC)

I'm a surf fisherman, too but I am also a wildlife lover. I have absolutely no problem with the Judge's consent decree. I have no problem finding plenty of beaches to fish.

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Aug 25, 2010
Being against the consent decree and nature lover are not mutually exclusive
by: Dan


Thank you for your postings. You will find that there are a number of people that are BOTH a surf fisherman and nature lover, but also believe that the way the beaches were handled prior to the consent decree was working fine. There seems to be this implication, and clearly you made it here by stating that you "are a surf fisherman, but (emphasis added) also a nature lover" that you cannot be on the side of lifting the consent decree. No one is suggesting that the beaches should be made into the Indianapolis Speedway. What they are suggesting is that there needs to be some moderation and not the all or nothing mode in which this thing is being handled.

To infer that if you are against the judge you are therefore not a nature lover is ridiculous. That scenario existed on Hatteras Island for hundreds of years before there was a consent decree. Both sides have valid points. Both sides need to find a workable middle ground.

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