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Frisco, located on Hatteras Island between Buxton and Hatteras Village, may be the least "touristy" of the towns on the Outer Banks, but this is not for a lack of things to do.

This is where the Croatan Indians resided, and where the colonist of the Lost Colony are believed to have sought refuge. Its native woods and open beaches formed the perfect location for the Croatan Indians to establish their settlement.

Frisco, North Carolina

It is known that the earliest English settlers did have a good relationship with the local Croatan Indians, and the word "Croatan" was all that was found when the English returned to the colony in what is now Manteo.

One of the museums to see is the Frisco Native American Museum and History Center. Carl and Joyce Bornfriend, who own the museum, will present you with some fascinating artifacts from Native American society both from the Outer Banks and across the United States. One such artifact is a dug out canoe found while exploring the area, which is now on display at the museum. In addition, in late April of every year since 1999, the Bornfriends have sponsored an Inter-tribal Powwow, where all are invited to experience Native American ways and culture.

Frisco, North Carolina ... Roll Tide

The village is also home to the Billy Mitchell Airport (KHSE), named for the man who is viewed as the father of the U.S. Air Force. General Mitchell used the local airstrip to prove his theory that an airplane could sink a battleship, a theory greatly challenged by the Navy at the time. His successful demonstration on September 5, 1923 led to the establishment of the modern United States Air Force.

The town is more than just history, in addition to its six beautiful miles of white sand, it is also home to some great Outer Banks surf fishing. It is also home to the Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier.

Frisco, North Carolina

Frisco is located on Hatteras Island and is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. As with its fellow villages in the National Seashore, land for building is restricted thus ensuring the natural beauty of the area. Although there are plenty of rental properties, you will always have the privacy and seclusion you hope for when visiting Hatteras Island. And being part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, it is also home to campsites for both the RV lover and tent pitcher. You will find both an Outer Banks campground run by the National Park Service as well as privately owned camp sites, so you will have a choice as to how "campy" you want your camping to be.

Frisco, North Carolina ... Kite Surfing

As with the rest of Hatteras Island, Frisco is home to some great surfing, be it straight board, wind or kite surfing. So climb aboard and get ready for a great ride.

Like its fellow villages on Hatteras Island, the Post Office had a hand in the naming of the town. Originally known as Trent or Trent Woods, the post office renamed the town in 1898. One of the tales is that the locals pushed to have the town named “San Francisco”, after the California city, but this was shortened to Frisco.

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