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My husband and I recently made our spring trek to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. One of the things we like best about going there is all of the wonderful restaurants to choose from. This time around we opted for something more American without the usual seafood theme. It is called Five Guys.

This cute little restaurant is a throw back to the 50's with a white painted stucco building trimmed in black and red. You walk in the door and they show you, up front, exactly what they serve. Bags and bags of Idaho spuds and five-gallon jugs of peanut oil are stacked around as part of the décor. You learn right away that you are in for the ultimate in all-American food.

Five Guys has a simple menu which consists of hamburgers (in various forms), hot dogs, grilled cheese, and veggie burgers along with their famous fries and drinks. They offer both dine in and take out service. However, with the wonderful aroma that fills your senses when you enter the front door, eating in is almost automatic.

We were greeted immediately when we walked in by one of the owners who explained their eatery's simple concept: To serve the best burgers and fries you ever wrapped your mouth around. And they were not exaggerating that statement one bit!

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