Discounts, last minute deals/cancellations

by Steve Miller
(Baltimore, MD)

Hello. My wife and 2 kids are wanting to stay in a house in the Outer Banks, preferably near Avon and no further south then the Ocracoke Is Ferry. And also my grandparents and brother's family will be staying w/ us. What is the best rate you can give us and what is the best time of year where it is quiet but warm enough to be out and about? This would be for Spring to Fall 2013. Minimum 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. A pool would be nice and as close to the beach side as possible.

Steve Miller

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Hatteras Island
by: Dan


Hatteras Island is generally much quieter than the beaches from Nags Head through Corolla. Our Salvo house has six bedrooms and yet when we go down in July, there are maybe a dozen people on the beach. Very quiet and secluded. The Fall is a great time to visit the Outer Banks, with the one major drawback being the threat of hurricanes, as was experienced last year with Irene. The rates are generally significantly less in the Spring and Fall than they are in the prime summer season, by as much as 70% less. Again, using our Salvo home for comparison, the prime season is $5,320, while the week of September 16 is $1,525.

If you are looking for the entire season. you may want to contact one of the rental companies directly. If it is only weekly, I am happy to speak further with you. So you know, most homeowners do rent weekly, so getting a house for the entire season could prove a bit difficult.

If others reading this post can help out Steve, feel free to post a response.

Kind regards,

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