David Lowe

It's the "Laid Back Feel"

David Lowe is married and has three kids (12, 10, 7). He is the owner of a company called ControlTemp Thermostats in Parsippany, NJ. We make tamper proof thermostats used in rental properties and commercial real estate. His website is www.ControlTempThermostats.com. David also owns a Outer Banks rental property in Corolla at the Currituck Club.

Outer Banks Revealed: What make the Outer Banks different from other beach vacation spots you've visited?

David: The Outer Banks is different because of it’s laid back feel. The beaches are large and pristine and not crowded.

Outer Banks Revealed: What is your favorite Outer Banks town? Why?

David: Corolla NC is our favorite. It has the right combination of laid back feel, hang out at the beach, good restaurants, golf and other activities without being overcrowded or too commercial.

Outer Banks Revealed: What is your favorite thing to do on the Outer Banks? Why?

David: We love to play golf and go body surfing on the beach. The Currituck Club is a fantastic golf course. The changing winds make it different every time you play it. The waves in Corolla are always great for body surfing.

Outer Banks Revealed: If you met someone who never visited the Outer Banks, what are the top five things you would tell them they had to do? Why?


Outer Banks Revealed: What is the one thing that is at the top of your list of things you still want to do?

David: One thing I still have not done is take surfing lessons. I am not the strongest swimmer but I will try it someday.

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