Currituck Lighthouse

The Northernmost of the Outer Banks Lighthouses

The Currituck Lighthouse

Currituck Lighthouse Facts:

Height of Tower: 162 Feet, 158 feet to focal point

Year Completed: 1875

Signal Distance: 19 nautical miles

Signal Pattern: white 3 seconds on, 17 seconds off

View from the top of the Currituck Lighthouse

Currituck was the northern most lighthouse my mom and I visited. The lighthouse is located in Corolla NC. As I mentioned before, this was the first lighthouse my mom and I visited on our grand lighthouse tour, and boy did it set the tone of what to expect.

Currituck is located in between Cape Henry lighthouse to the north and Bodie Island lighthouse to the south. This tower was created to fill an 80-mile void in between Cape Henry and Bodie. Currituck first began to fill this dark void on December 1, 1875. In 1939, the lighthouse’s light was automated for the first time. After the lighthouse was automated, keepers were no longer needed and were therefore removed.

History of The Currituck Lighthouse

Apparently after World War II, Currituck lighthouse was abandoned and fell into poor condition. The keeper’s house also fell into disrepair, but in the 1950s, in was placed on the National Registry of Historical places for its architecture. In the 1980s, Currituck lighthouse began to be restored. I personally think Currituck is the best lighthouse in terms of upkeep.

The lighthouse is absolutely stunning and took my breath away. Currituck's bricks are exposed, which makes the visitor truly appreciate how many bricks went into the creation of this grand building. According to one website, one and a half million bricks were used to create this tower. I think that number really proves how amazing Currituck truly is.

Another view from the top of the Currituck Lighthouse

If I thought the outside of the lighthouse was stunning, I didn’t know what lay ahead of me after I climbed to the top of Currituck. Two Hundred and Fourteen steps later (yes, I got my work out for the day), I was astonished by the beautiful panoramic view of both the ocean and the bay. My mom and I stood next to each other speechless and at a loss for words as we looked out upon nature’s beauty.

The Currituck Lighthousekeeper's house

In addition to having a beautiful view and a beautiful outer exterior, Currituck offers an experience that I felt none of the others could. Currituck’s complex is complete with a keeper’s quarters, in addition to numerous exhibits that help the tourist understand the Maritime history from the era in which Currituck was built. My mom is a history buff and really enjoyed this aspect of Currituck.

The stairs leading to the lightroom in the Currituck LighthouseView of Whalehead Club from the Currituck Lighthouse

Currituck is really unique from the other lighthouses in terms of what it had to offer. The most similar lighthouse to Currituck is Cape Hatteras lighthouse since you can climb both. I personally favored Currituck over Cape Hatteras because of the atmosphere and I felt you could absorb everything at Currituck without the crazy crowds Cape Hatteras had.

I also want to point out that there is a small fee to climb the lighthouse. Currituck is open to the public daily from Easter through Thanksgiving. During the winter months, Currituck lighthouse is closed to climbers for maintenance.

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Top of Currituck Lighthouse

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