Creating a Press Release

Creating a press release is a pretty simple thing to do, but you may be asking yourself, "Why do one?" A press announces important happenings in your business.

How to define important is really up to you, but as a general guideline, here are some sample topics:

  • Change the address/location/contact numbers of your business
  • You’ve added new services or new product lines to your business
  • You’ve introduced online (website) shopping
  • You’ve added a mobile application where your customers can find today’s deal
  • Someone important in your industry will be visiting your store (or website)
  • Or any other significant event that people should know about

A press release can be written for any type of business: service or manufacturer or store, it does not matter. A press release is written as if you are a reporter. Whether you are a "one man band" (realtor) or a big company, a press release can be a tool that you can leverage. It is not sales-y but news-y. When writing, you are interested in other news services picking up your press release.

If your business has a website, another benefit, if you include your website’s URL, is that as your press release is published, in addition to driving more traffic to it, you will also get additional backlinks, which will allow your site to rank hire in the search engines. The backlinks come when the press release is published by another news agency or website. The press release will also have the dual effect of driving business to your brick and mortar business as well as your online store. This will increase your chances of closing additional sales.

Sample Press Release Format

Creating a press release in standard format is very straightforward. Here is a sample of a press release I had written when we added the Hidden Gems column to Outer Banks Revealed. You will notice that I listed the both Outer Banks Revealed and Judith Bailey’s website so that both would benefit from backlinks.

The format (in bold) is as follows: For immediate release This should be italicized.

Headline: Brief summary on what this is about. This should not be from the body of the press release.

City, State – Date

First Paragraph: The first paragraph speaks to the subject of the press release. Openings a new store. Creating an online store. Brand new product line. Whatever the topic is explained here.

Second Paragraph: Provided more details about this important news item.

Third Paragraph: Is in bullet point format providing key information you want the reader to know about.

Fourth Paragraph: Provides a quote from you (the owner, president, etc.) and whomever else may be participating in this important news bulletin. Make sure you list the title of the person.

Fifth Paragraph: This is the "about" paragraph. This is about your business, the partner’s business or individual.

Press Contact:

Your Name
Your company Name
Your website URL
Phone number
Email Address

If you have a legal statement, disclaimer, it is good to add it here.

Online Press Release Distribution

Now that you have a press release, how do you get it out there are several online press release distribution companies out there, but the name that came up repeatedly when I was doing my search was PRWeb. PRWeb is not just a distribution company, but is interested in helping you get this process right. Their online tools are some of the best you can find, and will help you through the process. To find out more about PRWeb, click on the box below.


Here are additional resources for utilizing and creating a press release:

Best of luck in creating a press release for your business!

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