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What’s YOUR Gotta Do?

I am sure most people remember the 2007 movie, The Bucket List, a Rob Reiner movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, about two terminally ill men who came up with a list of things they had to do before they "kicked the bucket". It was a charming movie about two men trying to see/do all of these things they always wanted to do, but never had time/money and settling on the fact that, in the end, family is what mattered most.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

I must confess that I totally absconded with this idea from friends, Marcel and Leanne Finnegan, who have a site about vacationing in the Canadian Rockies. Marcel has a great story about a grandmother and her grandson and about the two's desire to stay in a chateau in the Rockies. I have no such great story, but I did really like the idea. In fact, I even asked for some help from some Twitter friends on what would be on their Outer Banks list.

How about you? Is there some Outer Banks sightseeing you want to do? Or maybe parasailing in the sound? What are the things you know you want to do and just haven't gotten to yet? So join in and send me a note on Twitter @OBRevealed, or send me a note via our contact page. I will add your ideas to this list.

My Outer Banks Bucket List

  • When the Bodie Lighthouse is repaired, take a trip to the top to see sunrise and sunset. It must be an awesome view given its location right by Oregons Inlet.

  • Take the ferry to Ocracoke and spend the day to see what all the raving is about.

  • Meet Joyce and Carl Bornfriend of the Frisco Native American Museum. Joyce was very helpful when I wrote about her museum and grounds, and their story so intrigues me that I want to meet them. Update: I did get to the Museum(some pretty interesting stuff), but Joyce wasn't there so it stays on my list.

Twitter Friends’ Lists

Shorerealestate @OBrevealed great question! Watch a sunrise in the national seashore then watch the sunset at Jockeys Ridge.Simple but still need to do it.

MartinMMC @OBrevealed #1 The beach (of course) #2 Visit Lighthouses (Corolla and Hatteras) #3 Enjoy Wildlife #4 Explore the OBX restaurants and shops.

GWConfidence @OBrevealed Ahh, the Outer Banks IS the Bucket List. Just being there is enough. No list necessary. crabcake sandwich at John's and fried oysters at Sugar Creek, & an oyster sandwich at the Sugar Shack.

BestofOBX - @OBrevealed Run the marathon on OBX, see the sunrise over the Atlantic (that never gets old) - will get bk w/ more

CarovaRealtor @OBrevealed my bucket list: Go to Australia, pay off my mortgage, & figure out a way to keep my wife perpetually happy. :)

TYMENUS @OBrevealed Catch a few sunsets, watch the dolphins at sunrise, say hello 2 a few old friends, get Steamers shrimp to go and beach picnic

injeanius @OBrevealed OBX bucket list: Spend January on the Banks--beautiful, desolate, stormy...perfect!

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