Welcome to the Outer Banks Monthly

Welcome to the November 2011 edition of the Outer Banks Monthly.

This month I plan to go away from the usual format. Instead, I am asking for a HUGE favor from you. I am looking for your input on a concept I have been mulling as a possible new business opportunity on the Outer Banks. The idea is to provide a CityPass-like experience on the Outer Banks. What is CityPass? In large cities across the US, CityPass puts together popular entertainment opportunities (tickets to a play, tickets to historic sites, etc.) at a discount. So, you get convenience at a discounted price. No running around to book everything. Buy it all in one place. I am asking you, Outer Banks vacationers, to follow the link in the "Outer Banks Entertainment Package" section, where you will find a more indepth explanation and then I ask you to respond to two short multiple choice questions: How much of a discount would it take for you to buy one of these packages. That is it. So, please help me out with this so I can determine if this idea is feasible.

Alright, sit back and enjoy, and as always, if you have ideas for future stories, drop us an e-mail at Outer_Banks_Monthly@outer-banks-revealed.coml or use our Contact Us page.

Outer Banks Entertainment Package

Outer Banks vacationers: I need your help with a quick two question survey on whether a CityPass-like concept would work on OBX. In a nutshell, the concept would be to offer a "package" of services at a discount price. This is not a coupon book, where you have to buy a bunch of stuff you will never use. It is a very defined package of services that you would likely buy anyway if you had the opportunity.

One such example is "Date Night". Mom and dad are having a great vacation, but would love one night without the kids. So, to do this, you would need a restaurant reservation, a babysitter and possibly tickets to a show. The restaurant reservation is easy enough, but the other stuff? This is where this program would step in and package a restaurant reservation (with a few restaurants to choose from), a babysitter and tickets to the comedy club, The Lost Colony, or some other OBX show. And you would get this at a discount. So convenience and a discount.

What I am asking you is how big of a discount would it take for you to buy in advance (prior to March 31 when you book your rental property) and how big of a discount would it take (obviously smaller) for an in-season purchase.

Other possible packges may be Day of Beauty, Adventure Day, Shopping Spree, Tweens and Teens as a few examples. If you have ideas, please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section.

Your input will help me determine if there is any demand for this type of service and, based on the size of the discount required, whether it would be economically feasible.

You will find the survey here: Outer Banks Entertainment Package Survey

Outer Banks Job Board

One of the pages I wanted to have on Outer Banks Revealed from the very beginning was a page dedicated to employment opportunities on the Outer Banks. It needed to be a place where people could find jobs, but, just as importantly, employers could list jobs. Well, after some searching, we would like to introduce you to The Outer Banks Job Board. Here you will find the latest employment opportunities on OBX: Full time, part time, seasonal and summer. If you are an employer, it only cost $30 for 30 days. We want to help you get the word out that you are hiring. Best of luck in that new employment opportunity or filling that open requisition!

What’s New in Outer Banks Revealed?

Outer Banks Revealed continued expanding in new and exciting way. Below is an outline of some of changes. Come on by and check them out for yourself and let us know your thoughts by sending us an e-mail. If you have questions or would like to see other things on the site, feel free to include that in your e-mail.

Grow Your Business: Presented is a selection of services that can help create a "Virtual Summer" year round. I invite you to take a look.

Outer Banks Restaurant Reviews: I would like to welcome Terry Bell, owner of Outer Banks Restaurant Tours to the Outer Banks Revealed family. Terry will be writing a monthly article on some of her favorite restaurants during the off season. YOu will want to have a read!

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