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Welcome to the May 2011 edition of the Outer Banks Monthly. Expect the same format as previous months. It’s been quite awhile since the last edition, but once Fall and Winter rolled around, I figured I wait for almost Summer. Specifically, I decided to wait until the 2011 Sunny Day coupons were out. Well, I checked today, and there they were. Several people have e-mailed me about providing the 2011s, and so, you will find a link to them here.

So what have I been doing with myself? Well, for one thing, we now have a Facebook fan page. It would be great if you would come on over and “fan” us. You can find it here. This will not just be content from me, but other OBXers as well, like our friends over at The Outer Banks Voice, who always have coverage of the latest and greatest news and happenings on the Outer Banks.

[OK, unabashed commercial] If you have interest in fastpitch softball , basil (yes the herb) or a common sense approach to manners, follow the links to other websites we have developed. We think you will find some interesting stuff there.

Alright, sit back and enjoy, and as always, if you have ideas for future stories, drop us an e-mail at Outer_Banks_Monthly@outer-banks-revealed.coml or use our Contact Us page.

Sunny Day Coupons

One of the things I look forward to when visiting the Outer Banks is to see what coupons are in the Sunny Day Guide. I guess one reason is because I am cheap. But the main reason is because Sunny Day always seems to cover the places I want to visit and the things I want to do. So without further ado, here they are for 2011:

Download PDF files for Corolla to Nags Head Coupons:

Download PDF files for Hatteras Island & Ocracoke Island Coupons:

Outer Banks Weddings

I have been informed that the second largest industry on the Outer Banks behind tourism is … weddings. Previously, I had only one page dedicated to planning, organizing and creating your dream destination wedding on the Outer Banks. With this information in hand, I decided to greatly expand the coverage in Outer Banks Revealed. You will now find information and phone numbers for everything you need from reception halls to officiants, to beauty salons and photographers, and of course wedding planners. So take a look and tell me what you think. What is missing? If you are part of the OBX wedding industry and don’t see your name, let me know, and I will add you.

Outer Banks Survey Update

This month, the focus will be on the travel related surveys on the Outer Banks Revealed Survey Page Thanks to all of those who have participated!

Travel distance continues to be very close between the 5-8 and 8-14 hours people, with a combined response of 58%. OBX continues to hold its allure from near AND far.

79% of respondents still like the rental house over any other form of stay.

And favorite activity when you get to OBX? Yep, hit the beach (54%) and doing nothing (25%). (I am still partial to doing nothing … on the beach).

Don’t agree with the results? Follow the Outer Banks Revealed Survey Page link to cast your vote. Won’t take more than five minutes and we greatly appreciate your participation!

Outer Banks Job Board

One of the pages I wanted to have on Outer Banks Revealed from the very beginning was a page dedicated to employment opportunities on the Outer Banks. It needed to be a place where people could find jobs, but, just as importantly, employers could list jobs. Well, after some searching, we would like to introduce you to The Outer Banks Job Board. Here you will find the latest employment opportunities on OBX: Full time, part time, seasonal and summer. If you are an employer, it only cost $30 for 30 days. We want to help you get the word out that you are hiring. Best of luck in that new employment opportunity or filling that open requisition!

What’s New in Outer Banks Revealed?

Outer Banks Revealed continued expanding in new and exciting way. In addition to the new sections mentioned above, below is an outline of some of changes. Come on by and check them out for yourself and let us know your thoughts by sending us an e-mail. If you have questions or would like to see other things on the site, feel free to include that in your e-mail.

Hidden Gems: This continues to be one of my favorite sections of Outer Banks Revealed. Judith Bailey, a local artist on the Outer Banks, shares with us some special places that we might not normally find on our own. The only thing better than Judith’s accounts of these “gems” are the beautiful pictures she shares with us. Worth the look.

Summer 2011: Here from the Outer Banks Summer experts, the Rental companies, on what you might expect on your summer vacation. This is the second year we have done this roundtable, and it continues to grow. Have a read!

Outer Banks Realty Report: Quarter 1, 2011: Morgan Mason and J-P Peron continue to provide us with the latest happenings in the OBX real estate market. Thinking of buying or selling? You’ll want to read this.

Final Note

I could not end this without a final shout out to my son, Dan. Dan graduated from GA Tech in May and realized a lifelong dream of his. In March, he secured a position as a video game designer with Zynga. Zynga is the creator of such games as Farmville, Mafia Wars, and so forth. We are sad to see him moving to San Francisco in July to begin his career. But we couldn’t be more proud or happy for him. Congratulations Dan!

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