Welcome to the Outer Banks Monthly

Welcome to the April 2010 edition of the Outer Banks Monthly. Expect the same format as last month. It must be Spring, as my bumper crop of dandelions are in full bloom. If dandelions were a cash crop, I wouldn’t have to work for a living. May is not so far behind and with that will be a new set of coupons from our friends over at Sunny Day Guide. I will be providing the links to the new coupons in our next edition if all goes as planned.

Alright, sit back and enjoy, and as always, if you have ideas for future stories, drop us an e-mail at Outer_Banks_Monthly@outer-banks-revealed.coml or use our Contact Us page.

This Month’s Picture of the Outer Banks

Dianne Harvard shared a picture of one of her trips with her fiancée to the Outer Banks. As good as the picture was, the story she attached captures the essence of why so many choose OBX as their vacation destination. Have a read and if so inclined, add you own picture and story. This has been the most popular way that readers, like you, have contributed to Outer Banks Revealed. So, don’t be shy and join in. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured next month.

I met Dianne on Twitter some time back. Feel free to follow me at Obrevealed.

Outer Banks Survey Update

This month, the focus will be on the older surveys on the Outer Banks Revealed Survey Page Thanks to all of those who have participated!

The favorite size of house continues to be in the 3 – 4 bedroom range as single families take to the beach. This accounts for almost 50% of respondents.

Finally, searching the Internet or calling your favorite rental company are the two most popular ways to find your rental house, accounting for 67% of all respondents.

Follow the Outer Banks Revealed Survey Page link to cast your vote. Won’t take more than five minutes and we greatly appreciate your participation!

Outer Banks Homeowners

How's your summer calendar shaping up? Is your summer completely booked? Other than bugging your rental company about what they are doing to address those gaps, not sure what you can do? Maybe it’s time to take control of your calendar. Check out a friends at OBXRentalHouses.com or some of these other great providers where you now have people interested in your home contacting you directly. You control who rents your house and you see to it that the dates get filled … in other words, you’re the boss again.

What’s New in Outer Banks Revealed?

Outer Banks Revealed continued expanding in new and exciting ways this past month. Below is an outline of those changes. Come on by and check them out for yourself and let us know your thoughts by sending us an e-mail. If you have questions or would like to see other things on the site, feel free to include that in your e-mail. Here's what was added last month:

A Walking Tour of Manteo NC: This month’s installment of Judith Bailey’s “Hidden Gems”. Take a walking tour of Manteo and enjoy a bit of history. The pictures make this edition my favorite one yet!

What's so great about the Outer Banks: Chef Wes tells us why he loves the Outer Banks. Another testimonial. BTW, if you would like to have a special evening without the hassle of going to a restaurant, who not bring the restaurant to you? Chef Wes comes to your house and prepares everything (and cleans up too … gotta love that!!)

Outer Banks Realty Report: February 2010: February 2010’s edition of the realty report provided by J-P Peron and Morgan Mason of Sun Realty. If you are thinking about buying or selling on the Outer Banks, check back monthly to see the latest market trends.

We Love the Outer Banks: A simple picture but a powerful story. Come and check it out and add your own!!

Can you have bon fires on the beach?: This month, Lisa from Boston asked if you can have bon fires on the beach. Depends … get the answer and if you have questions that is what our section, Just Ask!, is all about. So fire away (no pun intended).

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