Welcome to the Outer Banks Monthly

Welcome to the February 2010 edition of the Outer Banks Monthly. Expect the same format as last month. As I sit in my house, staring out at the second in as many days foot and a half to two feet snow storm (Yo ENOUGH already!!), a little smile runs across my face as I think about the pictures and videos put together by Morgan Mason on the Outer Banks snow storm on January 30, 2010. I can smile, because I haven’t started to remove this snow storm ... another 3 hours of my life I will never get back. But check out Morgan’s pictures and videos. A unique view of OBX!

Alright, sit back and enjoy, and as always, if you have ideas for future stories, drop us an e-mail at Outer_Banks_Monthly@outer-banks-revealed.coml or use our Contact Us page

*****NEWS ALERT*****

Stay tuned for details of a new feature for Outer Banks Revealed coming soon! Hopefully starting this month will be monthly updates on the OBX Real Estate Market. More details in next month’s Outer Banks Monthly!


Calling All Foodies

As promised in last month’s Outer Banks Monthly, Wes Atkins has started to write a monthly article on Outer Banks Attractions, but from a personal chef’s perspective. Wes decided to get a running start and actually posted two articles this month. Read about Wes and get his perspective on What's Cooking on OBX. Wes also does private parties, so if you have one planned during your Outer Banks vacation, give Wes a call!

Outer Banks Survey Update

This month, the focus will be on the newer surveys on the Outer Banks Revealed Survey Page Thanks to all of those who have participated!

The three to four bedroom house continues to be what the majority of people look for when renting a house on OBX. 50% of those who responded to the survey fall into this category. No doubt, the larger houses require more coordination across families so I am sure that is part of the reason.

Most people look to rent their summer Outer Banks vacation home in the January – February timeframe after the holidays rush has calmed down. Again, 50% of respondents fell into this category. Somewhat surprising, the second most popular time was in October through November, with 25% of respondents looking to book houses.

Finally, half the people looking for their rental homes are actually shopping on the Internet. Makes you wonder how much longer the rental companies on the Outer Banks are going to continue publishing those big glossy brochures.

Follow the Outer Banks Revealed Survey Page link to cast your vote. Won’t take more than five minutes and we greatly appreciate your participation!

Outer Banks Homeowners

Tired of those Ridiculously HIGH Summer Electric Bills?

I met David Lowe when he agreed to do an OBX Testimonial. David is the owner of ControlTemp Thermostats, an innovative company that sells thermostats where you can control the temperature of your rental house even when you are not there. Tired of those astronomical summer electric bills? Well, here is your chance to cut those bills from 10 - 20%. And, until March 1, David has agreed to give an additional 10% discount to any Outer Banks Revealed reader off the already low price of $69.99 for the CT100. When checking out, just type in revealed to the coupon area to get that additional discount. So why wait? Start saving now!

Innovative Tamper Proof Thermostat Limits Temperature Settings to Prevent Energy Waste

PARSIPPANY, N.J. - January 20, 2010 - Property owners around the nation are all too familiar with the skyrocketing utility costs from wasted heating and cooling usage in their properties. Today, ControlTemp Thermostats is introducing a new lower-priced tamper proof thermostat designed to help property managers unleash technology to reduce property utility costs.

The intelligently designed CT100 thermostat is a simple, effective way to reduce utility costs in leased office space, retail space, apartments, and vacation homes where the property owner not the tenant pays the utility bills. The seven day programmable tamper proof thermostat has a built in maximum heat limit of 72 degrees and a minimum air conditioning temperature of 75 degrees. These settings still allow the tenant to be comfortable by being able to make small temperature adjustments however the maximum and minimum settings prevent excessive energy waste commonly found in the rental market today ...

The key with the CT100 thermostat is that the temperature limits for heating and cooling are hard coded into the unit and can't be changed or tampered with by the tenants. The CT100 also has a seven day programmable schedule. The schedule is preset to the EnergyStar guidelines to automatically adjust the thermostat temperature setting throughout the day and on weekends. The schedule feature can drive significant savings by ensuring that the temperature is adjusted when the space is unoccupied.

"Our analysis, developed using tools by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, estimated that landlords and property managers can reduce their heating and cooling costs as much as 32 percent by using the CT100 programmable tamper proof thermostats compared to a non-programmable thermostat," said David Lowe.

The thermostats can also help property managers qualify their properties as "Green." The reduced energy consumption from installing a CT100 thermostat can lead to reducing a property's Carbon Footprint by as much as 2,000lbs per year. In addition, due to the seven day programming capability, the CT100 may qualify for energy rebates as high as $100 per unit from many local utilities and government agencies.

What’s New in Outer Banks Revealed?

Outer Banks Revealed continued expanding in new and exciting ways this past month. Below is an outline of those changes. Come on by and check them out for yourself and let us know your thoughts by sending us an e-mail. If you have questions or would like to see other things on the site, feel free to include that in your e-mail. Here’s what was added last month:

Kitty Hawk NC: This month’s installment of Judith Bailey’s “Hidden Gems”. Focused on a Bike Rider’s perspective, find out what makes this route so special.

What’s Cooking on OBX: Get a view of Outer Banks attractions from the view point of your personal chef, Wes Atkins.

What’s a Personal Chef?: Wes’ first installment defines and explains exactly what a personal chef does. Seems like a good place to start.

The Kitchens of Carova: Wes’ second installment examines the very large luxury kitchens that can be found in the houses of four wheel drive area of Carova. This article was so popular that an Indian firm decided they would copy it in its entirety, except for any attributions. We have since gotten them to take it down. So if they liked it, maybe you will too.

Are there more than one Cape Hatteras Lighthouse?: This comes courtesy of our "Just Ask" page. Follow the link to find the answer.

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