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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Outer Banks Monthly. This has been a long time coming, as different sections of Outer Banks Revealed were being built out. It is high time to reach out to you, our faithful readers. We promise to keep this short and to the point, given the many demands on your time but at the same time plan to bring you information that you can use either in planning your next Outer Banks vacation or use on your vacation. If you have ideas for future stories, drop us an e-mail at Outer_Banks_Monthly@outer-banks-revealed.coml

Summer 2010

It might seem premature to start thinking making your vacation plans already, but the 2010 booking season is right around the corner. The traditional high time for securing rental homes on the Outer Banks seems to run from just after Thanksgiving through to the end of February. Last year, the 2009 booking season was adversely affected by the happenings in the economy in January and February. As most of us remember, most everyone was on edge worrying about retaining their jobs. As a result, the booking season seemed to push to the right, with most reservations made in March and April.

The 2010 season, however, seems to be taking a different pattern. It seems most people are actually booking earlier than usual this year. That is certainly the case with our home in Duck, where most of the summer has already been booked. In addition, most rental companies are seeing a similar phenomenon. It seems to me that most people who had forgone their Outer Banks vacation is 2009 have decided that was not going to be the case in 2010. Clearly that is the sentiment expressed by several vacationers I’ve spoken to who had contacted me about one of our vacation homes.

If you are planning a 2010 Outer Banks vacation, you may want to start making your plans now. Outer Banks Revealed has several alternatives in helping you find the perfect rental house. Looking for an OBX hotel? We can also help you with that, including reviews and the ability to book your stay. Outer Banks Revealed also has information on Bed & Breakfast Inns and camp sites.

Outer Banks Survey Update

The Outer Banks Revealed Survey Page has been up and running for a few months now, and some interesting trends are starting to emerge. Thanks to all of those who have participated! First, it appears that most people who have taken the survey generally drive either 5-8 hours or 8-14 hours (68%). That says something about the draw of the Outer Banks that people would bypass other beach resorts to vacation on the Outer Banks. Favorite things to do? Hit the beach (46%) or just relax (42%).

Another survey points out that vacation homes is still the number one place to stay (89%) when vacationing on the Outer Banks. This led us to start up a few other surveys around the selection of your rental home. One asks when you typically book your rental, another asks what size house (number of bedrooms) you typically look for, and finally how do you find the perfect house? Follow the “Outer Banks Revealed Survey Page” link to cast your vote. Won’t take more than five minutes and we greatly appreciate your participation!

Outer Banks Homeowners

With the 2009 season largely complete, it’s time to start thinking about the 2010 season. How were your bookings this season? Like most, I am sure it was a bit of a struggle. Just in time for the upcoming season, there is a launch of a new owner’s driven website called OBXRentalHouses.com . As the name implies, this site, unlike many of the other rental list sites, is dedicated solely to the Outer Banks. Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor and have your house listed with the few rather than the mob. And, OBXRentalHouses is giving away a free year subscription (which can cost as much as $199 per year on comparable sites) as part of a contest offered exclusively here on Outer Banks Revealed. Enter the contest and the winner will be named here next month. Just in time for the 2010 booking season! If you cannot get the link to work, send your e-mail to Outer_Banks_Monthly@outer-banks-revealed.com and put "Contest Entry for OBXRentalHouses" in the subject box.

What’s New in Outer Banks Revealed?

Outer Banks Revealed continued expanding in new and exciting ways this past month. Below is an outline of those changes. Come on by and check them out for yourself and let us know your thoughts by sending us an e-mail. If you have questions or would like to see other things on the site, feel free to include that in your e-mail. Here’s what was added last month:

  • OBX Testimonials: Get a firsthand account on why the Outer Banks is special to so many very different people. Each one also includes his/her top five must see things to see and do on the Outer Banks. Worth the read!

  • Bed & Breakfast: Looking for a romantic getaway for you and your partner? Looking for a different gist for that special couple? Want the convenience of the hotel but the privacy of a rental home? Then an OBX B&B is just what you are looking for. Here is a list of B&B’s. If the name is a hyperlink, get rating information and the ability to book your stay.

  • Vacation Packing: Time to pack and you mentally run through all of the things you need … and there is always something you forgot. No need to worry about that. This page will give you a list of everything you may need on your vacation. Don’t have something? No problem. Hit the hyper-link and it will bring you to a page where you can choose exactly what you need.

  • Outer Banks Videos: Here is a collection of videos about the Outer Banks grouped into the following categories: Family Time, Wildlife, Fishing, Surfing, and Kiteboarding. All of the videos had to be under five minutes to qualify and all had to bring something to the table. Check out each category and vote for your favorite. Is it an encounter with the wild horses? Maybe one of the kiteboarders performing their acrobatic show? How about the surfers? You decide which is the best!

  • Gifts & Souvenirs: Couldn’t make it to the Outer Banks? Didn’t get the t-shirt? No problem, you can now get your Outer Banks mementos here. Be it t-shirt, hat, cup or whatever you are seeking, check out this link. Surfer wear is the rage, and you will have access to several suppliers that specialize in this look.

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