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Outer Banks restaurants have become part of our tradition, as we have at least one dinner out on every trip to the Outer Banks. The following two restaurants have met or exceeded our expectations to the point where they are now part of our regular vacation routine. To be upfront, we used to have three favorites, but, unfortunately, one, Coastal Blue in Avon is no more. So we will go with two recommendation for now, but when we find that magical third, the one we must visit when we return every year, we will be sure to add it to our list. The good news for us is it opens up a new adventure ...

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The Colington Cafe

Outer Banks Restaurant: Colington Café

Location:Kill Devil Hills NC

Meal: Dinner

Number of Times Been There: Too many to count

Reservations recommended: Yes

The Colington Café was first referred to us by one of the local people we met when we bought our Duck house. It is, for us, a must every time we go to the Outer Banks, be it in the summer or during the Christmas-New Year’s holiday.

For starters, the restaurant is located in a classic Victorian house. If you are looking for ambience, this is the place. The house adds to the whole dining experience.

The owners and people who work at the Colington create a great family atmosphere. During one of our visits, my son wanted to know where the name "Kill Devil Hills" came from. After our waitress asked a few of her co-workers, the answer that came back was, in the early 1700’s, it was said by the locals that the rum made on the island was so strong that it would kill the devil. Hence the name Kill Devil Hills. Was this really the derivation of the town name? I don’t know, but it was delivered in such a convincing manner that my son was content.

The food is outstanding with portions more than plentiful. My older daughter’s favorite meal is the seafood pasta, and gets it practically every time we go. The menu covers seafood, pasta, steak, and chicken and pork dishes (and combinations of). Make sure you leave room for dessert, because they are to die for. The menu is priced so that a family can afford to have a great meal.

The Red Sky Cafe

Outer Banks Restaurant: Red Sky Cafe

Location: Duck NC

Meal: Lunch

Number of Times Been There: Several times

Reservations recommended: No

The Red Sky Café is also available for dinner, but since we’ve only eaten there for lunch, we will stick with the promise of only recommending what we know.

The Red Sky Café is actually located at the end of our street in Duck. I noticed on several occasions over the past several years that the kids would say they were leaving the beach to go to lunch, and when I got back, they had disappeared. After this happened several times, I found out that they had “disappeared” to the Red Sky Café.

The Red Sky Café is a quaint little place offering excellent food in a casual atmosphere. The mood is very relaxed as you proceed through your meal. If you are looking for a relaxed and comfortable place to go between stops at the beach, go and enjoy lunch at the Red Sky Café.

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